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How to Identify your Shopsmith | List of the Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject How to Identify your Shopsmith? Are you looking to see drill press parts identification? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

How to Identify your Shopsmith | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List.

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How to Identify your Shopsmith
How to Identify your Shopsmith

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How to Identify your Shopsmith ..

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  1. I have a chart from SS that has the list of SERIAL #'s and tell you what year your machine is. Mine is a 1984 model. The serial # is located on the high speed output shaft guard cover. Really surprised Reid didn't give that info seeing that he is the guru on SS.

  2. There already was a Mark 7 made for a short time in the 60's. I think someone at the new Shopsmith company just decided to make an updated version of it. They should have named the new one Mark 7 Pro or Mark 7 710, out of respect for the old one. Give credit where credit is due.

  3. Just bought mine today!! I am new to woodworking but I am anxious to stop wasting my money on "wood" products and begin actually making something for myself.

  4. I bought mine in 1982 and I still use the lathe all the time for making my pens I don’t use it for much else but it’s the best lathe I’ve ever had. I make 50to60 pens every year and use the belt sander once in a while

  5. The person on the cover of the 1955 owners manual sure does look like my dad–pipe and all! Is there a way to find out if it IS him. He has passed on and in fact, I have his 1952 ER10 in my garage now. Who might know who the person is in that photo/

  6. Doug I just purchased a 510 that was upgrade with some 520 parts. The only thing is the person I got it from told me it had no bottom guard. I saw the reviews about the new style to buy and was not happy at all too many hole to drill on a new product. Ebay and craigslist had springs or something else missing. Desperate to buy one do you sell this bottom part one of the two I received the collar was broke so I cannot screw it to the motor it will not stay? Sorry message is do long and also if I buy mark 7 motor can I use it 110/120 I do not have 220 plug in my house?
    San Antonio TX

  7. Thank you! I've pretty much worked with metal for the last 30 years. I wasn't much into woodworking, however, 6 years ago, I bought a house and all the tools the amazing old guy had. Tons of woodworking stuff including a Shopsmith. I only wanted the metal working stuff but, I got an offer of a lifetime. I just forked out the extra $. I haven't regretted it. I kinda want to try it out. It has tons of attachments. I was thinking about selling it to pay for better metalworking tools. I'm glad I didn't. Been watching a ton of woodworking videos lately. Everyone makes it look easy. I know better. However, it could add to my art making abilities. I'm totally doing more research. The resin stuff blows my mind. I used to paint cars so, mixing colors totally fired me up.

  8. I have a Shopsmith model 510 with 4 "jointer, 11" bandsaw, and crosscut table. I think I purchased it in 1992 as close as I can figure. I have someone possible interested in buying it since I have not used it for several years. Can I put some kind of dollar amount on it, or do I just take a good offer for it. I seen one on ebay for 900.00, but no idea how old it is.

  9. Is there any other way to look up witch one it is like the serial number I think it's one of the 5s but not sure got for free so I'm not complaining 😂

  10. I have a shop smith that was my dads. But I don’t not plan on using it. So if someone would like to buy please get in contact with me.

  11. I just moved my Dad's Shopsmith V up to my workshop. I am now the proud owner of a 1954 "Greenie". Now begins the long slog of reconditioning it and ensuring it is safe and functional. Not easy since I want to start using it yesterday. :)

  12. I have a 10 ER 1952 model, it was bought new by my father with many accessories which are all still in great condition. I think it is an excellent piece of machinery, I get a lot of satisfaction out of it because it is so versatile. Also has the after market jointer attachment. !!

  13. In my retirement, I have been teaching myself to use the Shopsmith V (greenie) my dad purchased in the 1950s. He died over 30 years ago so I cannot ask him these questions. Unfortunately, I was too stupid in my younger days to stand next to him and learn while he was working on a project.

    I still have all the shopsmith newsletters and catalogs and setup manuals and have read them thoroughly. I purchased a new (used-gray) headstock off of craigslist from a local fellow. The belts on the old headstock were not engaging the bottom spindle and I did not feel confident enough to buy new ones from shopsmith and install them myself. In addition, the plug and cord was very brittle and needed to be changed as well.

    I dis-assembled the shopsmith from my mom's house when she died a few years ago and now have it assembled in my basement.

    I cleaned and oiled everything up and am teaching myself to use all the functions. The jointer operation worked very nicely as did the lathe.

    Yesterday, I was trying to set up the drill press. I have watched most of your videos and I am confident everything is locked and secured properly when I tilt the headstock 90 degrees. The problem I have is the the support bars and headstock tilted past the 90 degree position at least 10 degrees. I checked and rechecked everything and nothing seems out of place. The only thing I can figure is that I have to put some shims at the bottom of the rails where they meet the shopsmith base. The lock nut on the base is not interfering with the set up so I know it is not interfering with the bars. Do you have any recommendations?

    If you look at the pictures with the numbers identifying everything, the place I would have to add shims is by #11-the base arm lock.

  14. A couple of years ago, my father bought a complete ShopSmith at an estate sale. I believe it is a complete system. Since I helped him transport this behemoth (and substantial collection of attachments) to the house, we stored it on a fully sheltered back porch. I have a few questions: (1: Is there a way to review the ShopSmith unit fully to determine if there are any components missing? (2: Does this machine require any special lubrication or other cleaning? (3: Is there a way to install substantial retractable casters on the machine so I can be easily moved and stored? (4: Is there some kind of dolly mechanism that can be used to transport a ShopSmith outside (on uneven terrain) it needs to be relocated? Thank you.

  15. I have an "OLD" and I mean older than old Shopsmith. I got it because I was more interested to use just the lathe portion. It has the old belt drive and is rather crusty/ It still runs and I have restored other machines and When I clean it up I am sure it will run fine nd true. This machine is bolted to a wooden stand. How do I Identify this machine For parts

  16. I have a 53 Greenie that has hairline cracks in the housing at the Gilmer gear. Can this be repaired with a weld? thanks.

  17. I've been a Shopsmith owner for 18+ years and have really benefited by growing my wood shop over this period of time. With my last upgrade I took my Mark V 510 to a Mark VII 520 and with approximately 250 S/F of usable space, there's no possible way that I could have these 7-tools incorporated in the 520 as stand-alone pieces of equipment; I would need 4 X as much space. And, with the addition of 240v. service I ran last year, my Shopsmith is performing at top notch efficiency. My 240v. "New Air Heater' has really made it a comfortable wood shop as well – highly recommended.
    That being said, I really do have to disagree with your comment about Shopsmith Customer service; it is really lacking. Without going into particulars, I'll leave it at that. Suffice to say, I've really had some painful experiences. Still, I love my Shopsmith and can't imagine being without it! I'll just weather the customer service shortcomings.

  18. i remember as a kid my dad an i was at a mall in town an there was a demonstration for one of these set up an a guy was showing how it all worked, i wanted one but back in the 70's that wasnt gonna happen! fast forward to a year ago an i now own a mark 5 with a lot of attachments. wish i could have gotten one a long time ago cause this machine is awesome! just like i remembered seeing it back at the mall years ago.

  19. Back in the day, Shop Smith had the Saw Dust sessions, but under new management they closed the stores and that ended the best advertising program they ever had. It was the reason I bought my Mark 5 and later in the 90's upgraded it to the Model 510. Wow, when you but the extended tubes and out feed table you can do almost anything.

  20. Wow, this was great, I'm wondering what a fair price for the "gray-stock" 1985+ would be at an auction. There's one at our local auction that's at $84 currently. Either way this was a wonderful video, thank you!

  21. I recently found a jointer attachment for mine, unfortunately I found it with my ankle. I love my great grandfather but my god was he a pack rat, I still find myself scratching my head over why he had a box full of pot handles.

  22. My widowed sister has a Shop Smith for sale in the DeKalb section of ATL. It is an older model and has not see too much use, the price would be very reasonable. Contact me here.

  23. I have a Shop Smith and the badge says Model 10ER, the motor looks nothing like your photos. Any idea on year?

  24. I just bought a 10E for $300 with all attachments, in good condition. Im going to build a bench for it tomorrow and work on restoring it to new again. Nothing like owning a machine from the early 50's.

  25. Is it possible to have information or tutorialin Spanish? I have a machine here in Colombia.

  26. Doug, I have a question. I am looking at buying ShopSmith Mark V, Model 510 with a Band saw, 6" Belt sander, and a Dust Collector Model DC3300 all for $1600.00 is this a good price?

  27. One model that you missed is the Shopsmith Mark VII, not to be confused with the new model upgrade Mark 7. The Model VII had a fundamentally different base, looking like an inverted letter T, and having 4 way tubes for use by both headstock and accessories.

  28. Doug, Cast Iron?

    Didn't Hans make a cast iron Shopsmith, too?
    (I KNOW he did, because I've had 1 or 6.)


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