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How To install a CAT5E Network Faceplate Socket and How To FIX a wiring FAULT | Most-Buyed Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject How To install a CAT5E Network Faceplate Socket and How To FIX a wiring FAULT? Are you looking to see cat5 termination? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

How To install a CAT5E Network Faceplate Socket and How To FIX a wiring FAULT | List of the Best Power Tools.

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How To install a CAT5E Network Faceplate Socket and How To FIX a wiring FAULT
How To install a CAT5E Network Faceplate Socket and How To FIX a wiring FAULT

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Hi, this ‘How To’ video shows in depth how to connect up a cat5e network faceplate socket using the T568B wiring standard and solid core cable. You cannot use STRANDED core cable in faceplate sockets, you have to use SOLID core cable. At the end of the video you see how I rectify a common wiring fault which I caused by not following the wiring diagram and by using simple fault finding process I fixed it.
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cat5 termination

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  1. Just the right level of detail for a novice like me. I now have a third floor, hard wired ethernet wall socket connected directly to my router on the ground floor. For years I've been using powerline adapters to reach the third floor and struggled with huge losses in connection speed compared to downstairs. Problem solved!!
    I didn't have the tool to push the wires into the connectors so made my own by cutting a 1mm slot in the edge of an old store card. Worked a treat!
    Great video, thanks.

  2. I was helped when you said just use the labelling on the outlet for B. I must have wired it wrong (just going from left to right) 5 times before and couldn't figure it out. 7 years later, you're still helping!

  3. Hello thank you this is helpful. Did you have any advice on how to
    maintain minimum cable radius bends in the flush wall plate box?
    Usually the cable will enter the box on one side or through the back of
    the box. You need a few inches of free cable so that you can install
    and maintain the face plate connection. That cable needs to be stuffed
    into the wall plate box – that is the point at which cables can bend
    sharper than the minimum radius (radius = 4 times cable diameter).

  4. What if you match up the colors on the ethernet jack and it still does not work? Doe this mean the wire itself is faulty? Also is the ethernet wiring the same as phone wiring? Because there are two wires coming out of the wall and one is for the phone jack which works. I noticed the wire for the phone jack are the same colors as the ethernet. Since the phone jack works but I don't use it, can I use that wire to hook up the ethernet?

  5. Repeat after me…

    Orange stripe, Orange, Green stripe, Blue, Blue stripe, Green, Brown stripe, Brown.

  6. By far the best tutorial I'v seen in the topic. I've managed to install my very first cable :)
    My only concern is how to use that tool from 10 meters away.

  7. Hi Vince, been trying to locate you E Bay shop, can you give me a link please or tell me the info i need, Many thanks

  8. Thanks – very good video and explanation. Appreciated especially that you left the mistake in and how to find and fix it. Would buy from you but as I'm in New Zealand the postage is prohibitive.

  9. You don't now what you're talking about. Have you ever seen cable A or B? It doesn't matter is it A or B standard on cable or pair of sockets as long as it's the same on both ends

  10. Exelent video. Good explanation הסבר מצויין איך לחבר שקע רשת לכבל מוכן כדי להכין תשתית ביתית לחיבור מכשירים לראוטר cat5e

  11. Anyone watching this video will follow you're instructions only to find out later in the video they too have connected the wiring incorrectly, why don't you upload another corrected video?

  12. Perfect, just what I needed to find out. My question as was answered – if my wall socket is wired as 'B' then what do I use for the other end of the cable connecting directly into my switch? The answer was 'B'. Perfect. Happy wiring :)

  13. I wrap the cat5e in bacofoil/kitchen foil and run this in plastic conduit – helps eliminate external noise.

  14. Does induced current from mains affect data transmission? Of course there will be detectable current, but that's why the twisted pairs, right?

  15. Excellent video. I live just outside Chicago, may I please borrow your tools for a week or so?

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