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How To Install Coaxial Car Speakers | Aftermarket Speakers in a Scion tC | Car Audio 101 | List of best hand tools for you

Are you searching for the subject How To Install Coaxial Car Speakers | Aftermarket Speakers in a Scion tC | Car Audio 101? Are you looking to see 2way or 3way car speakers? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

How To Install Coaxial Car Speakers | Aftermarket Speakers in a Scion tC | Car Audio 101 | Best hand-held repair tools.

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How To Install Coaxial Car Speakers | Aftermarket Speakers in a Scion tC | Car Audio 101

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Learn how to install and replace factory car speakers with aftermarket coaxial speakers. In this video we use a Scion tC to show how we replaced that rear OEM speakers with NVX V-Series car speakers. This installation is a fairly straightforward and easy installation, but requires some know-how and they right tools.

Step 1: Disconnect the car battery .
Step 2: Remove the factory speakers (Removing panels first, then the speaker).
Step 3: Install the aftermarket speaker.
Step 4: Finish the install by testing the system and reassembling the panels.

In the video, we used the NVX V-Series speakers:

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2way or 3way car speakers

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  1. noob question: how did u know which was positive and negative cable? one was white one eas black. I always thought positive was red in electrical engineering?

  2. this is the best and most clear video on speaker upgrades. thanks. and you were the only one to remind people to doscon9the battery first.

  3. ระบบเสียงBiamp..Triamp.Quartampแล้วแต่งบประมาณของผู้นั้นครับ..อู๊ด

  4. Would you happen to know where to get a front speaker mount for 2016 Canyon? The 6×9" OEM mount is about 2.5" thick but the speaker is glued in so I can't reuse that one. FYI I am going back with Skar 6×9".

  5. Where did you get the bracket to hold the aftermarket speakers…i just bought some 6.5 Kenwood but I don't have that speaker bracket would I need that or can I used the factory speaker bracket?

  6. Why are you replacing the shitty speakers if you are gonna leave the same shitty speaker wire

  7. you make it look so easy to take of the panel in the back like theres this thing on mine wheres its bigger then the hole and i cant get thing out of there

  8. Has anyone done a full system upgrade for the 2018 accord yet? I have the Sport 1.5T. I'm trying to do a 5 channel amp for the front/rear components and add a sub on the 5th channel. There seems to be no one documenting their mods, so I'm sort of stuck guessing the best way to do all of it. I'm assuming I can get high level inputs via LOC from the HU but I don't know if there's a factory amp hiding anywhere. Also there are already tweeters and woofers on the door and rear deck, does this mean there's a crossover somewhere for each channel or should I expect to see 8 channels coming from the head unit. ARGH!!! I hate this about newer cars.

  9. i wired my pioneer 400watts amp into the rear speaker level inputs my rear pioneer 4ways get 200watts x2 my front pioneer 4ways get 80watts rms x2 its sounds awsome by the sync 2 flash drive play

  10. just wanted to hit on a note, that many people including myself have overlooked, if you expect the mid bass to sound what it once did before replacing your speakers, ad a foam ring like the one you saw on the OEM speakers that were taken out, here is a video to see how this is done. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7WKCFHGwRY

  11. Dont buy anything from sonicelectronix, no costumer service. Dont take phone calls, and never answears e-mail.

  12. I got an amazing deal on Sony Coax Speakers, but my car has a component setup, I thought about converting it into a component, but I have no screw behind my sticker. I guess I could cut the tweeter off and make it work that way. Do you think I should do that or just install coax in my doors?

  13. Dude you need some arm control. You keep waving your arms around and it's pissing me off.

  14. once you learn how to get your door panel off because your credit card fell in the window, it seems more like a 20 minute job

  15. I have a 2005 scion and my panel is not coming off as easy as that I feel like the grocery clips are getting in the way and the guy in the video never said anything about those what do I do?

  16. I have the speaker adapter for my 2005 scion tc. I noticed you didn't screw all 3 screws back like the oem bracket??? are they supposed to be all 3 or just 2??

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