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How to install mosaic tiles | Top best products

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How to install mosaic tiles | Top best products for household.

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How to install mosaic tiles
How to install mosaic tiles

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Mosaic tiles are small tiles used for many purposes, among them the creation of images, the addition of focal points on a particular wall or floor section, etc. In this case we are using them to help us maintain a nice inclination toward the drain of a shower as well as grip. Measure the area and determine how many sheet of tiles you will need, cut the areas from the sheet that will seat over the drain with a knife to easily place the rest of the sheet around the drain, using a snap cutter or a small wet saw cut all the small pieces and install them individually if necessary. to avoid excessive amounts of cement from coming through the tiles use a robber trowel or any other medium size flat trowel to help maintain a strait and even surface. Put special attention to the small tiles around the drain, you want them to be just above the drain surface, avoid sharp edges that can cut you feet. Clean the excess cement with a small tool, nail or fastener and wipe the remaining cement with a cleaning sponge. Once the cement is dried, finish cleaning any extra cement and apply the grout. The grout should be a bit loose when poured over the tiles so it can penetrate well in all the crevasses. Allow the grout to dry and wipe it with clean water. ..

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  1. Could you show us a video of you working on the grout the next day? And a shot of the finished tile floor and shower? Thx

  2. Would have been nice to
    See the clipping of those small tiles and the installation around the drain.

  3. There is a waterproofing layer that you can paint on. Mapei makes it, called "Aqua Defense." Put at least two layers on.

  4. You just confirmed what I've been dealing with having me clean in between after setting the tile oh my God what a pain in the ass

  5. This guy is an absolute JERK ….. He didn't seam the wall to floor, didn't use Red Coat or any other water proffer. This instillation is doomed to failur

  6. There are some very important problems that will present themselves which you have completely skimmed over. Important problems that are critical especially for people who are installing penny tiles for the first time:

    1) The sheets are extremely flimsy and keeping the small columns and rows perfectly in-line as you lay them down is nothing short of a challenge. It takes extremely skillful hands.

    2) Placing a sheet of mosaic tiles over a sheet that has already been installed and dragging it into place does NOT work, far more times than it does work. Mosaic tiles can be frustratingly delicate and easily dragged out of place by dragging one sheet over another. Doing this will result in having to constantly go back and straighten out the previously installed sheet and then line it up with the newly installed one. When the tiles are just a little off, it can show more and more as you work your way across the floor. Ultimately, you must stop, go back, and push all of the sheets slighting in multiple directions to line them up. => All of this is combined with the fact that the the thinset is drying and making the sheets increasingly difficult to move as you work your way across the floor.

    3) Despite the fact that the tiles are seemingly evenly spaced on the mesh, they can easily be pushed too closely together during installation. Especially when you're trying to go back and line up the columns and rows in several sheets across the floor. Creating wavey, uneven lines across the floor with mosaic tiles is an extremely easy thing to do. I've been through this and had to rip up nearly half of a bathroom floor and start over trying to get though this frustrating process. (You are far more likely to run into this problem when the walls in your bathroom are "out of square". It can also happen when the tub is out of square with the walls. If you use the tub or one of your out of square walls as a guide to start, you'll realize you're creating a horrible, uneven gap between the last column of sheets and the wall as you work your way across the floor. )

    4) Most important of all are the grout lines"!!!!!! It is impossible to over-state how critically important is is to KEEP THE GROUT LINES CLEAN AS YOU INSTALL PENNY TILES!!!! If you don't, the problem is simple, there will no place to install "grout" since all the grout lines will be filled with thinset. When working with penny tiles, filling the grout lines partially with thinset is part of the process. It is practically unavoidable since most the tiles are only 1/4" thick. As soon as you start to shift the tiles around to align them or "drag" them into place as you do in this video, the amount of thinset pushed within the grout lines of the newly installed sheet can be much more than 1/4", sometimes fully or partially cover the small tiles. You must constantly keep a paint brush or scrapper in hand and immediately clean, clean, clean the grout lines with each newly installed sheet.

    We fought so hard to simply install the tiles in a way that the columns and rows didn't look absolutely horrible across the floor, that it took hours, (after several re-installs) and the thinset kept drying out along the way. Exhausted from simply getting it into place, we made the mistake of not cleaning out the grout lines and allowing it to dry overnight. The pay off was SIX STRAIGHT DAYS on our hands and knees, using utility knives and other tools, painstakingly scrapping hardened thinset out of the thousands of tiny grout lines across the floor.

    Since penny tiles are only lightly glued onto the cloth mesh, many times they were accidentally cut out of placed while trying to clean the grout lines and had to be re-positioned by hand. This meant adding new thinset (like putting peanut butter on a cracker), setting it in place, trying to make it perfectly aligned with the other tiles and cleaning out the grout lines again. This we did over and over and over.

    Just moving around on the floor to clean out the grout lines caused many of the penny tiles to break lose. They too had to be reinstalled by hand. It was a horrible nightmare. There are so many of these silly videos on YouTube all trying to make installing penny tiles look like a child could do it, and none of them give forewarning of these potential pitfalls, nor do they tell you what you can do to avoid them. Personally, I try to avoid penny tiles tile like the plague!

  7. thank you so much . I'm doing myself and your tips are great. my question is about inside face where the 2 by 4 is (el muro), did you use the durock there also? if so, did you use screws to hold it against the 2 by 4 ?then you opened a hole in the grey rubber, does it matter?

  8. I've always heard them referred to as "Penny Mosaic". Pretty sure the tile store will understand in either case. Great video, as for cleaning excess thinset from between tiles, I find an old toothbrush dipped in water does wonders.

  9. For future reference that's penny tile not mosaic. Nice work btw try to Stager your sheets in some cases you'll end up with lines after grouting

  10. Thank you for posting! I am just about finished with my bathroom renovations your videos helped through out the build. You make it look easy and quick.

  11. great video I appreciate you addressing the excess thinset issue, which is to me the most aggravating part of small mosaics

  12. Thanks. I am about to put down my bathroom floor in one inch hexagons and this your video answered my questions perfectly!

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