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How to Install the Boss BV9351B Stereo in a 2005 Honda CR-V | Best hand tools

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How to Install the Boss BV9351B Stereo in a 2005 Honda CR-V | Newly updated handsets.

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How to Install the Boss BV9351B Stereo in a 2005 Honda CR-V
How to Install the Boss BV9351B Stereo in a 2005 Honda CR-V

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This video is a little bit longer than I typically upload but in this video I show all the steps to installing a new stereo in your suv/car/truck. I installed the Boss Audio Systems BV9351B Double Din Stereo in my 2005 Honda CR-V. I also tested, and reviewed the Stereo. Overall, I found the install to be very clean and easy to do.

Boss BV9351B:
2005 Honda CR-V Stereo Connector:

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  1. omg can i pay u and u do it for me lol im so confused lol but can u do a review on it if u still have the car

  2. who would use SD card? me. The option of having a music file card of favorites right in the head unit is totally convenient. Also for ppl like me who dont want to use their phones for music

  3. The frame thing that you trimmed, did it came with the stereo or you ordered it separately?

  4. i’ve seen other videos where people just use a plug and play harness connector? they don’t have to crimp or use a soldering iron to connect the wires . Why is that?

  5. I’ve been putting up with my old factory installed stereo in my 03 Crv for a while, finally decided to upgrade with the same set up you did and oh man it works like a champ. Thanks a lot for this video I honestly don’t think I would’ve done it without this great tutorial. 🤘

  6. What was the second plug that came out of the factory stereo for? The one you said you wouldn’t need or be using. Thanks!

  7. Different question: Does your PASSENGER AIRBIG lits that shows "OFF" when no one sitting on Passenger Seat?

  8. Thanks for making this video. That's a sweet stereo! None of the cheapo Chinese touch screen units seem to have proper USB in-put (most of them only have blue-tooth). Basic physical on the unit and a proper remote control are great features!

  9. Hooked mine up. USB reads NO USB and won't work. Tried my Bluetooth and don't have any subs. Subs work only on radio and cd. Switched the plugs around a bit and still nothing. Any ideas?

  10. Anyone knows what is the White Plug used for?
    If you know where I can find wiring plug pin # and names, please share.

  11. I have a 04 crv I'm getting a deck like that in a week or two and this vid will definitely help

  12. You didnt show how you connected the two harnesses together….did all the colors match or not? also you didnt show the steering wheel control exchange. More important that messing with the bezel. Thumbs down

  13. Hello does this model hook into the steering wheel controls? Thinking of upgrading from my hard knob boss radio. Thank you so much!

  14. Before this video I saw a video from a person who said this stereo was a crap but it seems like a really bad instalation, and 100% bad attitude your video its pretty nice I know its 2018 but Im going to buy this 2016 Stereo I really like it thaks for the video bro!! really helpfull!

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