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How to Insulate your Garage/Shop Door | FOR CHEAP!! | Newly updated handsets

Are you searching for the subject How to Insulate your Garage/Shop Door | FOR CHEAP!!? Are you looking to see best way to heat a detached garage? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

How to Insulate your Garage/Shop Door | FOR CHEAP!! | Best hand tools.

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How to Insulate your Garage/Shop Door | FOR CHEAP!!
How to Insulate your Garage/Shop Door | FOR CHEAP!!

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With another cold winter coming this year, I decided it’s time to insulate my garage door before it’s too late. Fortunately, they make a kit that’s very affordable and super easy to install (I’ll leave the link to the kit below).

Insulation Kit (No Affiliation/Sponsorship):





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  1. Just picked 2 of these kits up for my 2 car garage , ready to tackle this project this weekend. Thanks for the video on the install 👍

  2. You are cutting the panels too short and they will hang at the ends when the door stays open for a longer time. A tip anyone installing this insulation. When measuring the length of each panel add an extra inch. You can always snug it in there and make it seal better. I would not alter the width as it is pretty darn close to the standard width.

  3. A better idea is to buy insulated garage doors to begin with. I have two Clopay double steel with 2" of foam insulation. Didn't cost much more & like a refrigerator door, stronger, stiffer and quieter.

  4. I have air coming in above the garage door. What can I use to prevent the air coming in?

  5. Be careful with this… some of the new residential garage doors opener mechanisms are only capable of lifting the weight of the garage door… adding the weight of the insulation can cause them to malfunction.

    You may need to upgrade your opener prior to installing the insulation.

  6. Nice, simple, informative video!

    How much weight was added to the garage as a result of this? Any adjustments to the spring?

  7. Lowe’s has them
    For $80. Bought some last week. The problem is you need like 2.5 boxes for a two car garage.

  8. Do the tabs hold to the door surface? I have a garage door that gets direct sun in the afternoon which makes the metal very hot. Seems the expansion and contraction would make the clip fall off.
    Well done. thanks.

  9. I would use this but don't think it would work too well on my door. It is a wood door, smooth interior with no rails or similar to stuff these panels into. I'm looking for the right solution. I've thought of getting some of that reflective rolled stuff and see if that works, but minus using some form of glue, not sure how to keep it stuck onto the wood. Liquid nails was mentioned I guess.

  10. Hello, is this kit better or just foam 24-inch x 1-inch x 48-inch R5 Radiant Acoustic Insulation Kit – STC 19 (5-Piece). Can you advise which is better in terms of keeping the garage warm in winters. Thank you.

  11. Great video Eric! Since this was done back in 2017, how are they holding up now? I live in Washington so it rains alot. Would you recommend this insolation in a moist climate? Maybe water-resistant?

  12. It’s nice to see younger guys like yourself working with wood you are are a real inspiration, great videos keep it up!

  13. Nioe kit if you have an uninsulated door with the open panels inside to stuff the edges into. Do they make a kit when you are trying to add insulation to a flat insulated door on the inside? Since there is only an inch and a half of foam it is a weak spot in a cold climate and needs an additional layer of a couple of inches at least.

  14. First: When using a utility knife, make the cut, then PUT THE KNIFE DOWN, don't be doing other chores with your hands while holding the knife! That's about as smart as holding a parts while using a screwdriver on it,,, Second, that junky noise in the background. Ugh!

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