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How to make a Anvil Stand | The Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject How to make a Anvil Stand? Are you looking to see what makes a good anvil? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

How to make a Anvil Stand | Most-Buyed Power Tools.

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How to make a Anvil Stand
How to make a Anvil Stand

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How to Make a ANVIL STAND using scrap metal. This I a simple build you don’t need a lathe, or a mill, just a welder and a grinder, and the willingness to Build Something CooL :-)

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what makes a good anvil

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  1. As a pair of micro-machinists we do not have much a need to have an anvil, though we think they are neat, this is our first stop in your shop since you moved out west. Thank you for the welding and safe making of your anvil stand. That stand really looks nice. Lance & Patrick.

  2. Personally I would have made the feet bigger so that I could anchor the stand to the floor, or like other commenters, use a large log.  I do like the stand though, nice work.  I don't mind the music, I listen to music in the shop all the time.

  3. Fine anvil mounting scheme for bending heated metal, such as tweaking horseshoes and the like. Ferriers will often have an anvil mounted to the back of the truck for just such a purpose. In addition to needing a much larger anvil, not much good for forging billets as the stand will spring and deflect, robbing energy from the billet being struck. Again, depends on the mission and who want's to hand forge anyway. Stable stand, though and I do like the bulk of your body of work along with the tips and tricks. Keep 'em coming, please.

  4. First you say something about safety of the such stand and than make new by using angle grinder without protective shield. Very logically!

  5. It looks like a 100lb are you sure its not 44Kg = 100lb? I have a 100lb anvil and yours looks the same size. I would like to recommend that you make brackets to hold it down tight to the stand to get rid of the ringing, it will save your hearing.

  6. How about a video showing best ways to clean the various machines like the lathe, milling machine, ETC.. All the YouTube guys always start with super clean machines, makes me wonder how they clean them!!

  7. Thank you! — In older videos, you had basement machine shops. — You and Mr. Pete inspired another basement machine shop in Central Illinois. — Would you consider a video on any lessons you've learned to keep coolant, oil smoke, steel chips, etc… out of the living space? My wife and I will be grateful!

  8. Not sure if it’s been mentioned. The 44 was the year the anvil was cast (1944) and the 7 under the horn is the weight. Vulcan anvils always dropped the 0. 12 would =120. So a 7 means 70 pounds. Nice build

  9. Anvils should always be carried in hot air balloons…so they can be dropped on the roadrunner

  10. It makes me sad to see even you taking the guards off the grinders.
    And in my humble opinion three legs are probably not the best idea on a top heavy thing like this. I know three legs makes it not wobble on an uneven surface but it also makes it very easy to tip over.

  11. I think you'll find it to be a very noisy anvil. There is no dampening in the stand, maybe more like amplification of the ringing.
    A good tip would be to set til anvil on wood and fill the legs with sand.
    Even more important: that anvil will jump all over the place when you use it. It is way too small to stay at rest without anchoring.

    Try filming this anvil in high speed under use and you'll see how much it moves.
    Having a 'jumpy' anvil not only hurts the quality of your work, but it bleeds all the effort you put into your hammerwork into moving your anvil where it should be moving red hot metal.
    You know, you have it right when your anvil does not ring like a bell, but just makes a dry 'clack' sound when you use it.

  12. Nice little stand BUT with such a light anvil you need to have hold down bolts and a cross bar over both feet on both sides. This will prevent the anvil from jumping up when striking heavy blows near it's tail end.

  13. A white anvil stand. You don’t see that often. Lots of black scale will get that turned to dirt quickly.

  14. Fail Fail Fail
    Should be placed onto a wood block/lump of tree trunk – it reduces sound, vibration and stress on the anvil.

  15. Nice work Dale. I have an anvil just like that except it seems to be harder to lift.💪😁 Maybe that’s because of the lower elevation.

  16. 2 things to note if you ever build another one. Fill the legs with sand, it will help absorb to harmonics, also I would add braces connecting all the legs a few inches off of the ground. I think over time that top plate is thin enough to let the legs spread. I enjoy your videos.

  17. Cool video, Thanks! I've never built an anvil stand, or dabbled in Blacksmithing… however, I think If I were building that stand I'd consider filling the legs with sand, or maybe even lead shot. It'd definitely add heft; and damp out 99% of stand ring. The anvil ringing might be another story. Again, Thanks!

  18. First of all I have to say this. From Ga. to Cal.? Holy Moly that must have been a culture shock! Secondly I've read the comments about the stand and most think it should be wood and etc. yada yada yada. A 44lb anvil is a portable anvil IMO and a portable stand is what it probably needs. I've got a "little'' 98lb Peter Wright anvil that I move around quite often and a stand like this should work quite well. And to the naysayer yep I'll probably use an angle grinder to cut metal somewhere in the build ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I always enjoy your vids.

  19. I like it , but bet you I could destroy it in about 10 minutes of use. really don't think it would last long.

  20. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others. The wiser man learns from the mistakes of the wise man. Something to contemplate and incorporate into everyday life. Great video Dale. Never seen anything from Drillmaster that wasn't on its way to the fuckit bucket. Suprised to see yours seems to be ok. Hope it lasts, they generally don't. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  21. Dude- Holy Music!!! Blowing my pictures off the walls in the office- Do you have audio mixer issues? new editing software? Great video, but music drowns out your commentary

  22. You need to make a hold down for the anvil that holds it down hard or it will ring your ears off.

  23. For a home shop , that needs to bang on something. This will work. For a small home forge, itll take all the power away from your impacts . It needs braced using the concrete floor to backup each blow.

  24. While I appreciate the quick and dirty nature of your fabrication, reaching around in front of a rotating cutoff wheel made me cringe. … Yikes

  25. I did a led casting arond the foot of my anvile -works great .now it sounds and act's like a huge one😊

  26. Glad to see you putting out content. Also cool to see some of my other favorite channels are watching your content as well.

  27. Can you do a video on your Diacro #2? I have one and would love to see it's full potential. Thanks

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