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How to make a Drill Press Station with Fence and Storage | The Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject How to make a Drill Press Station with Fence and Storage? Are you looking to see inexpensive drill press? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

How to make a Drill Press Station with Fence and Storage | The Best Power Tools.

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How to make a Drill Press Station with Fence and Storage
How to make a Drill Press Station with Fence and Storage

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How to make a drill press station with storage and a fence for repeatable drilling and dust collection. Easy woodworking project made from plywood with basic woodworking tools.

Made possible by Rockler. Use the affiliate links below to get the tools and supplies used in this shop project!

Get the plans for this drill press station:

3/4″ Baltic Birch Plywood:
Pocket Hole Jig:
Table Saw:
Drill Press (similar):
1/2″ Baltic Birch Plywood:
Pin Nailer:
Drawer Slides:
Drawer Slide Jig:
Walnut Plywood:
Edge Banding Trimmer:
Drill Press Fence:

KenCraft Meetup – June 8th, 2019:

How to Make a Spline Jig:

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  1. If you ever remake this you might want to consider cutting the sides of the sacrificial piece at a 45 degree angle (wide part on the bottom). And both side pieces also at a 45 degree angle (wide part on top). That way the sacrificial piece is held securely in place kind of like a dove tail.

  2. Need to make a fence like this, such a pain to always be clamping a board on as a fence.

  3. Thanks, I needed to see this for my drill press, lots of space on the bottom and nothing there for storage. This will work just fine. Thanks for the video and thanks for you.

  4. This is in my long to-do list, but not exactly the same, you are completely right, everyone have different needs. Very good project, Thanks for sharing !

  5. Great video yet again. Really liked how out how you installed the draw slides, that was new one to me. Will you have your new book out for the June 8th meetup? I already have signed copies of your other books that I love.

  6. I like the slightly different style of this video. It seems much more relaxed! Keep it up!

  7. Why would you buy a floor standing drill press and then box around it when you could have a bench top drill press and a better cabinet under it

  8. if you did the Dust collection you could also add dust collection for sweeping the floor just put it underneath all the drawers

  9. Какой то нервный товарищ..все кидает швыряет..не опохмелился с утра что ле?

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  11. Wow, gran vídeo, no conocía tu canal y me a gustado mucho, me suscribo :) un saludo desde Managua Nicaragua. (y)

  12. I love that you use walnut for your shop fixtures. Not everyone wants to look at basic pine or birch plywood all the time.

  13. We love seeing you make shop furniture😀 and that drawer face idea from Mr. Nubbs is definitely a great idea.

  14. On the side pieces maybe it's possible to put in pull out doors to store all the drill bits. Like a pull out pantry next to a fridge. Great build. I love the design of all the cabinets going around your shop.

  15. That station is a thing of beauty and adds to the style of your workshop. I also like the dust collection solution options.

  16. Great build. I can use this because im about to build cabinets. (My shop is never as neat at yours. Everything covered with dust. How do you do it?)

  17. Hey David, great project! Just noticed on your menu board at the wall “send help” is that a Todd Bratrud thing?

  18. Hi David, would love to see our Welsh flag on your wall, it would look great as it has a big red dragon on it. cheers, Bob.

  19. It’s a shame you have to explain yourself at the end there just to appease the internet trolls ..keep up the good mate your an inspiration.

  20. David, I freaking love your videos. You waste zero time. Your editing style seems similar to your work style: Everything you do is just fast. Makes the videos super easy to watch for someone who has a short attention span like me. Also, your humor is great because it happens so quick. I laughed for a good 30 seconds on the “what?” that flashed on the screen at the 4:48 mark.

  21. Well done David! I know I've mentioned before at some point, but I love the sentiment of "I'll do what's right in my shop, you do what's right for your shop". – Jim

  22. Ooooooo, those side gaps could be a great opportunity for some vertical drawers, depending on one's storage needs! Lookin' excellent, it does fit your Shop beautifully!

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