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How to make lighted floating wall panels | Review best products

Are you searching for the subject How to make lighted floating wall panels? Are you looking to see illuminated floor tiles? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

How to make lighted floating wall panels | Top best products for household.

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How to make lighted floating wall panels

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Customize easy DIY wall panels with wallpaper and rope lighting to create a DIY hanging lighting solution to dress up ugly white apartment walls.

In this episode, you’ll see how to build decorative floating wall panels using inexpensive materials from the hardware store. They can be customized to fit any style or look using anything from paint and stencils to wallpaper or fabric and even incorporate decorative wall lighting with the use of rope lights. Not only will these floating wall panels add architectural detail to plain white box rental apartments, they will also provide just the right amount of mood lighting in the evening. It’s the perfect alternative to painting or using temporary wallpaper when you’re renting: it takes less time to do and you can take the wall panels with you when you move out!

Dimmer Light Switch:
Rope Light: ..

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  1. The lighting was a good idea. But the panels, unless they are antiquities, they look blah with that wallpaper. Why not simply hang a piece of art? And the method of hanging the wallpaper: why not use peel-n-paste wallpaper?

  2. this is brilliant!!! best way to change the look right behind our tv in the living room that i've been struggling with. thanks so much. going to check out the rest of your videos

  3. This video had inspired me to do something amazing. I plan on maybe using a longer, thicker plywood so that I can apply rollers to it and move it around as I please. AMAZING! All this time later and this is a pure hit for me!!!

  4. I would love to do this but as sliding panels to cover my pantry without the lights. What do you suggest as a diy mechanism to slide the doors across.
    Im living in a place where mechanisms are hard to come by so I need to hack or improvise.
    Im a total newbie so ready need help!
    Its 2-6 m height and 90 cm width. So I need to make two panels to open as doors.
    I will suspend from the ceiling.
    There is only 5 cm on ceiling depth from wall to wall top attach mechanism with two doors??
    Any ideas??
    Thanks in advance

  5. Stunning look – thx for sharing all your tricks and tips – very very beautiful and very affordable – cheers from Canada

  6. I used to live in nyc and started getting palpitations when you were hauling the wood from the 6. Argh! That was the worst!!

  7. I loved this vid! Great idea, excellent information with perfect step by instructions. Thank you

  8. HAHA I did the same at Metro of Buenos Aires, in Argentina with an Old Eames Aluminium chair. My childs help me! Hahahaha

  9. This is an amzining idea.. im thinking about suspending my from the ceiling to cover book cases so i can slide them back and forth.. would u please do a tutorial on how to sespend these from the ceiking so that they slide

  10. Foam core, 3/4' panel insulation boards, and chloroplast are lighter weight, easy to cut on-site, can be painted, drilled, and glued a lot easier than brown board which while inexpensive and strong is really difficult to cut yourself unless you have a proper table saw setup. A handheld saw of any type will not cut brown board and your cuts will be crooked. Leftover foam from cutting down an 8' x 4' insulation panel will provide the frame in the back to raise it off the wall.

  11. I'm wanting to do a van sway look in my livingroom. But I don't know what type of wall paper to use that will give me a beautiful van sway look. Need your help please.🤔

  12. I’ve been going nuts looking for wall light for rental space ideas. You are the best on line. You should have your own show and get paid big bucks. Everything you do is spot on and intelligently expressed. You know what you’re talking about. I know this, cause I know how too. Your ideas are the best out there. They are classy and not made from Dollar store bling. Thank the Lord for that. I would recommend you to any and all my friends since I physically can’t do it all an more. .. A woman CAN do it all and even do it competently. My compliments to you. I hope you are a great success at what you wish to do. God bless. 🤗🙏🏻❤️🇨🇦

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