How to Melt Old Candle Wax into New Candles to REUSE Candle Wax! | List of best cleaning accessories

Are you searching for the subject How to Melt Old Candle Wax into New Candles to REUSE Candle Wax!? Are you looking to see 3 wick soy candle? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

How to Melt Old Candle Wax into New Candles to REUSE Candle Wax! | List of best cleaning accessories.

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How to Melt Old Candle Wax into New Candles to REUSE Candle Wax!
How to Melt Old Candle Wax into New Candles to REUSE Candle Wax!

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If you want to reuse candle wax, melting old used candle jars into brand new ones, this #craftcore video is for you. This video will show our process for melting all the wax out of old candle jars, how to make a guide for your candle wick placement, and how to pour the wax into your new reused jar. #craftcoreDIY

Here are the supplies you’ll need to follow along. (If you buy from these links, I will earn a small commission at no cost to you.)
– Nearly empty candle jars, the more the better!
– Candle Wicks and Wick Clips
– Stove
– Large Pot
– Water
– Tongs (we used a silicone pair and a metal pair, but I think two silicone ones would be better for extra grippiness):
– Tape (we used electrical, but any kind should be fine):
– Needle Nose Pliers:
– Long Tweezers:
– Wooden Skewer Sticks
– Scissors:

Remember, safety first!

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3 wick soy candle

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  1. Hello An Awesome video.Great job 👏 .Thankyou so much I will try this.i love Scented Candles ❤ 😃

  2. I do this except I grate the wax and leave it loose in the jars! I think it looks cute and unique:) great vid

  3. I did this last night. I turned on the candle and it seems the scent isn't as strong. Is this even possible?

  4. Did anyone else have their wick loft in the candle? My sister messed with it until the wick was buried and unusable

  5. Is not not just a simple as melting the old candlewax and dumping them all into one jar??

    guess not, after watching the video. I’m just gonna melt the wax and add them all into a jar.. & see what happens

  6. Why did you use 3 wicks for one candle is 1 not good enough were can i get just wick i have plenty of left over wax and is it possible for me to scent the left over wax thanks sorry about the 3 questions

  7. I tried this but let the wax dry before adding a diffrent scent. It took waaaaay longer but I love how each scent burns individually and when thay scent is done it goes to the next!!

  8. I thought the title said how to reuse them for wax cubes so while I was watching I was like ?? what is she doing 😭

  9. I clicked so many candle vids on removing the wax hoping it would tell me how to make candles out of it instead I kept getting videos on using the jars, thank you.

  10. I am so glad I am not the only person that recycles my candles who also uses the old candle glass jars for organizing my friends think I'm crazy it's just a little bit of wax they say you can use that too I'm glad I'm not crazy thank you thank you

  11. TIPS FOR BEGINNERS: I find pouring boiling water in the candle jar works better to remove old wax; the wax floats to the top leaving the candle wicks and glue at the bottom. It also reduces the amount of burnt wick that gets poured into the new candle AND gets all the wax without leaving any extra in the jar. The only problem is it takes more time since you have to wait for the wax to dry and remelt it, but this really is my favourite method if you're trying to keep the wax clean. I don't know about the people in this video, but in the case of the stovetop method and doing a bunch of candles in one go is glass breaking. This happens when the candle is too cold for the hot water. To avoid this I've had to either add ice cubes to the hot water or dump it out and pour fresh cold water into the pot. This I find ends up using more/or just as much water as the method of pouring boiling water in the jar. It also depends on how much wax is in the jar your melting, I only melt wax on stovetop if I have a lot of wax to melt (ex. when I'm remelting my wax to put in a new candle).

    Another tip is to pour the wax in layers to avoid the curving effect that happens when it drys, like letting it dry before you pour your final layer. With clear jars, you may see lines, but it is worth it for a more professional looking candle. Pouring in layers also helps with keeping the wick in place! The wick will curve when it gets hot, so keeping it straight will be the most challenging part, but if you let it dry enough in between layers, it will stay in place.

    This one doesn't really matter as much as the others, but you can get ropes of wick string and reuse the metal pieces (trust me you'll need the metal part) from your previous candles for a cheaper alternative. To save yourself some time, it's better to get the kind that is already coated in beeswax, but you can also get the uncoated wicks and coat it in candle wax yourself. The problem with uncoated wicks is you might have more trouble poking it in the metal piece (I suggest toothpicks) and you'll probably also burn your fingers if you're not careful.

    I hope this was helpful to someone! :)

  12. This problem is exactly why I have been looking up how to make wicks – I will def be doing this soon!
    Totally random side note: my cat was very interested in watching this video with me, even after it cut away from prepping the wicks!

  13. Thank you so much! My heart just couldn't throw out perfectly good wax that can be reused into a new candle! Great video and tips!! :)

  14. thank you guys, i reuse two big candles and i melt it and put it in cups and jars, i add my sweet hairoil, my coconut grease, perfumes, juice from lime and shampoo to mix with the melted wax for fragrance, and i use the mopstring for the wick it was perfect.

  15. That was amazing! I thought it would be impossible to reuse the old candles! I will never throw away my old candles now.. thanks so much!

  16. When she said millimeters I was like wow U.S girl using metric then she said 'out' I realized its Mr.s Canada lol

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