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How to Mow a Steep Slope/Hill : My Secret Tip! | Latest information about hand tools

Are you searching for the subject How to Mow a Steep Slope/Hill : My Secret Tip!? Are you looking to see best riding mower for hills 2018? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

How to Mow a Steep Slope/Hill : My Secret Tip! | Latest information about hand tools.

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How to Mow a Steep Slope/Hill : My Secret Tip!
How to Mow a Steep Slope/Hill : My Secret Tip!

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Information related to the topic best riding mower for hills 2018.

In this video I discuss some of the basic tips of how to safely and comfortably mow a steep slope or hill with a self-propelled mower. The angle at which you mow on a hill is vitally important but your foot wear can make a huge difference as well. I am talking about athletic cleats! For those former high school, collegiate, or professional athletes, just when you thought you had to hang up your cleats because your competitive days were over, you can now put them back on to keep dominating your neighbor in your lawn!

Keep in mind when I talk about mowing horizontally or side to side on a hill I am referring to those using a push or self-propelled mower. When using a riding mower you should always go up and down the hill as this is the safest practice for this mower tip.


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  1. Mate, you have done many of us hill mower people a great favour by doing this. It's greatly appreciated. However, not everyone here as a low concentration span so we really don't need the loud, rather meaningless music. But that's not to complain – great job otherwise!

  2. Good Idea. I never thought of "baseball" shoes for mowing my hill. I have a steep hill. I normally ride up and down with the riding mower. But, where it's really bumpy, the mower with pick up speed coming down fast. there's nothing at the bottom of the hill to run into, thank God.

  3. I just bought a new house with a scary steep slope with large rocks and boulders at the bottom. I told my wife jokingly that I need a set of cleats to cut the lawn, But yeah, I will be picking up a pair for sure now!

  4. Thank you for this video. I have just bought a house with a steepish backyard. I was hoping I didn't have to use the weed eater on the whole lawn. Your video has saved my lawnmower from an uncertain fate.

  5. Is the background music really necessary to get your point across? It is very distracting.

  6. I unfortunately have a steeper slope than yours!!!!! I use the metal ice/snow chain things you can buy (good old Amazon) to go over your shoes. I can't stand on my front lawn without them, mowing is almost impossible as it's too steep, so, I strim now, but, the difference the spikes/cleats make is unbelievable!!

  7. Good idea. You can pick up used cleat shoes at the second hand stores really cheap, just smell them before buying,lol. Thanks

  8. I like giving fast tips myself… LOL Great idea about the cleats! I know I almost fall on my butt when I mow my ditch area, I hate it.

  9. Great tip! I wouldn’t of thought of the cleats…. brilliant! I don’t have any hills, but there are some I help that do! Thanks, I’ll be passing this one along!

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