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How to Polish Stone Floors Using Diamond Polishing Pads – Jon-Don Video | Review best products

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How to Polish Stone Floors Using Diamond Polishing Pads – Jon-Don Video | Top best products for household.

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How to Polish Stone Floors Using Diamond Polishing Pads – Jon-Don Video

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This video shows you how to use Jon-Don’s Diamond Polishing Pads to hone and polish limestone floors. The process starts with using an 800-grit pad to remove traffic abrasions and scratches, followed by pads of higher grits to smooth the floor to a glossy sheen.

Begin first by thoroughly cleaning the floor, removing all dirt and soiling.

Next, wet the floor using a clean mop and clean water.

Attach a diamond grit pad to your standard 175 RPM floor machine, add weights, and begin polishing the floor in a counter-clockwise motion. Once the water turns milky, you know the pads are working. Go over the floor 8-10 times to ensure a thorough job.

Rinse the floor, and then repeat the process using a higher grit pad.

Finally, use the 3000 grit pad to go over the floor. This pad can be used for daily maintenance or spot treatments.

NOTE: This process can only be used on natural stone floors (limestone, travertine, marble, sandstone, etc.). Do NOT use these pads on manmade tiles (ceramic or porcelain) as they will permanently damage the tiles.

For more information about diamond polishing pads at Jon-Don, visit us online at or call 800-556-6366. .. hope that this information brings you lots of value.

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  1. Good gloss but kinda left an “orange peel” look. I think the pad dug into the soft parts of the stone. Wonder if resin discs might be smoother?

  2. Biggest downside to polishing pads, especially with a limestone floor, is that it leaves the shine looking very rippled with not much clarity in the stone or the finish. They have their uses though, and the video was very well explained and demonstrated.

  3. Hi can you give me the link of materials needed from deep cleaning, the floor polisher machines and pads, and sealer. Thank you so much.

  4. Are the pads you are using part of the Revive-Maxx line that you sell? If not, what do you recommend that I use to re-polish some high traffic areas on our travertine floor that need to be repolished?

  5. I have a 400 RPM machine. I did my house with 800/1500/300/L5 Extra. Unfortunately unlike this video, my marble became completely matte after the 3000 pad. After L5 it was still matt, after buffing it with a white pad with minimal water it started shining. Anyone knows why? This proces takes too long.

    Now I have some orange peel here and there, any idea how I should redo some parts? Start at 800 again? I can see some scratches here and there. Also have a handpolisher with all girts, should I use this one also?

  6. My marble shower is brand new but it’s not shiny like I wanted it to be, can I start with 2000 grits and 3000 only or do I have to start from 50? It’s doesn’t have any scratch at all

    1.Heavy Damage 400 to
    2. Med Damage and Scratches 800 to
    3. prepolish 1500 to
    4. polish pad 3000

  8. This is the BEST video of its kind…VERY thorough…even I can understand. Thank You…Tank You…

  9. Thanks for sharing the video
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