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How To Price Miniature Painting | Most-Buyed Power Tools

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How To Price Miniature Painting | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List.

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How To Price Miniature Painting
How To Price Miniature Painting

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  1. Really glad I've seen this come up in suggested videos. I'm in the process of revamping my business and this has helped me greatly.

  2. People think these things take 45 minutes to complete. Bruh I painted a set of legs last night for nearly 2 hours alone just getting it right

  3. I know someone who’s worse than me at painting and charges $50 DOLLARS PER MODEL


  4. Great video, it's something I've done at mates rates in the past but if I move to doing it full time I would need to think about alot of the points you raised.

  5. Defo undercharged massively for all my work with WW2 stuff, more due to not knowing the model range and most of the undercharging was on building. 100% underestimated time taken to do basic stuff as well.

    Gotta learn and have confidence to do it. Luckily I only ever had one bad customer.

  6. I have been painting miniatures for about 10 years now and I still don't know how much I'm worth.

  7. Excellent video, very thorough. What do you do when the customer wants to send you pre-built models but they're badly put together, mold lines, etc?

  8. An excellent video… buyers should watch this and understand what they are paying for…. 1 Skill… 2 Time…. 3 Materials.

  9. "So explaining my pricing structure carries a flat fee of 2 pounds. Would you like to go ahead with that?"

  10. Ya I had no idea how to figure cost and ended up being £10 for a 1inch model so no idea if that was good or bad

  11. And it's music for money, but I'd do it for fun,

    Oh, I know how to do it, it's easily done.

    To stand on a stage doesn't make me afraid,

    I'm comfortable up here, it's gotten me laid.

    And it always amazes me when I get paid.

    {'Career Moves' – Loudon Wainwright III}

  12. i get so ocd about the cleanup that building models takes forever….i hate it. i have to smooth out all the mold lines and rough bits….ther's nothing worse to me than painting a models skin only to realise there is a line you forgot that makes the models arm look like it has wrinkly bingo wings or a line that makes the underware look like a camel toe.


  14. Thanks for the simple breakdown. Looking to start a business doing miniature building and was debating how much to charge for different things. This certainly helped.

  15. Interesting, I've build models mainly sci-fi and always get asked to do commission. And have always declined as I didn't know what to charge.

    But I have been going through and watching videos like this have helped a bit about deciding.

    I looked at it and decided treat it like a proper business. With a non refundable deposit, a list of costs for materials as well as certain provisions if needed to buy additional materials to complete the work, and an hourly rate. With a basic estimate of time which has to include build time depending on the kit painting. Even more if I have to source the model myself with the backup just incase. And if during the project they cancel it they need to pay for services rendered.

    But remember make it contract based and have the paperwork signed by both parties.

    This I find sorts the people who seriously want there project completed. And I do this because of my background in mechanical design and drafting. Which has taught me alot about customers or firms trying to get discounted work.

    Treat it like a business because it is. And you provide a service, so there must be cost to this service. Just make sure to register yourself as a business to be official.

    And as said remember your time is not free. And if it is your free time they want charge more. And if people say "it's not a proper job" . Simply reply that it is a business.

    People probably might say that I have taken it to seriously. But look at all the other industries that have popped up like professional cosplay for example.

    That's my 2 cents worth.

  16. One thing I'll add…. you may have mentioned but I missed it. Don't ever price on the promise of more work coming your way, only on what you have in hand. the amount of times I've been promised the sun moon and stars only to never see the buggers again. If a job is hanging on that promise bluff em and say you'll look at the next job favourably rather than losing on the job in hand, even if that just means you'll take a basic wage to get the job through. It's a small point but one that grates if you've been taken on it a few times.

  17. To those who paint miniatures for a living, my hat's off to you.  I've been painting for 20+ years and I would never myself do it for a living for what people want to pay.  It's too little, there's not enough respect for the work involved, and frankly not enough people seem to me to want to pay to have their armies painted, period.  It's a particularly terrible business if you haven't won some sort of 'competition' so you can advertise yourself.  Really, it shouldn't be that way, because I've seen better painters who've won nothing, but that is how it seems to me.

  18. It's tricky. I'm a professional portraitist and it's the same story. But in the same time, you can't really make your costumer pay more because you took your time. Cause that mean that somebody that work fast (like I do) will got less money than somebody that work slow. And I don't know about taxes in UK but in France, half of what you earn go away in taxes !! Meaning that if you want €10 an hour in your pocket, you need to charge €20 an hour to your costumer !!

  19. Dip dildos in a factory for minimum wage is my new standard of folks just getting by. Thank you!

  20. Excellent video, covers some awkward and embarrassing issues about doing this. I did a few commission jobs 20+ years ago as an impoverished student. I charged £1/figure (15mm Historic figs) which included cleaning, materials and basing. With hindsight I don't think it was enough even back then.
    Today I'm contemplating some more commissions and this video is information gold, cheers matey ☺

  21. ITs always amazing me how people who cannot do the work always assume they know more about how long things take to do than those that actually do the work. No matter what the work is.

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