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How To PROPERLY Wash Your Face (5 Mistakes Men Make) | Storage of cleaning accessories at Best.

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How To PROPERLY Wash Your Face (5 Mistakes Men Make)
How To PROPERLY Wash Your Face (5 Mistakes Men Make)

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Video Summary:
0:14 – Washing with dirty hands
0:48 – Using hand or body soap
1:09 – Using hot or cold water
1:29 – Rubbing with a towel
1:53 – Not washing twice a day
2:16 – Not having a full skincare routine
2:52 – 5 Steps to properly wash you face

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  1. Why do all these videos have a sponsor, i completly ignore the rest of the video when i see them

  2. Things wrong with this routine:

    1. 20 seconds is not enough time to wash your face. Dermatologists recommend 45-60 seconds.

    2. Moisturizers with SPF (Chemical sunscreens) are known to be bad for your health. Dermatologists recommend using a separate moisturizer and sunscreen.

    3. SPF 15 is not enough sun protection for your skin. Dermatologists recommend a sunscreen with no less than SPF 50.

  3. Watching this during Father’s Day coz my pop dipped after impregnating my mom with my lil sis gang🔥🔥👌🏽👌🏽

  4. Wrong. Face should be washed with cold water. It will help tighten the skin and make it look younger.

  5. I actually didn't know these things… And I thought I had a pretty good routine of washing and moisturising. No way I'll skip washing my hands ever again, that was scary especially for this germophobe…..

  6. Wow Ive been doin this for 3 days .What a difference.But most soap, even regular soap is loaded with chemical toxins and endocrine disruptors. Best to use an all natural soap. Oh and the water is toxic too. Hydroflouracylic acid[flouride] chlorine .Do your research.Best to get a good water filter and the cheap ones dont remove flouride or chlorine.

  7. Great video really good points But antibacterial soap is No Good. We need bacteria 95%of it is beneficial.Antibacterial Anything is harmful. Especially Antibiotics They destroy all the good bacteria in your gut which is where your immune system is.And they live there decades Only use in life or death emergencies .The soap gets to your gut eventually

  8. Don't use antibacterial soap. All soap has physically antibacterial properties. Adding an antibiotic like triclosan to soap is only going to assist in making superbugs.

  9. Great advice, I wash with a very good soap WHITE ZOTE, yes sometimes with other soaps for the face too, I love soaps. ZOTE, is very good for all types of skin, especially for people with allergies, asthma, etc., I watched it on YouTube, look it up. And I never dry my face with a towel, I have my t-shirts for that, t-shirts exclusively for my face. There’s always my towel and my t-shirt in my shower. Also for women and men with long hair, NEVER use a towel for the hair, use a t-shirt; thus, cuz the towel damages the hair. Thank you!

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