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How to Quickly Sharpen Broadheads | List of the Best Power Tools

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How to Quickly Sharpen Broadheads | The Best Power Tools.

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How to Quickly Sharpen Broadheads
How to Quickly Sharpen Broadheads

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Iron Will Outfitters broadheads are made to be shot. Once you’re done target shooting, pull your broadheads out and take them to your sharpening stone. Time to give them a final touch-up before bow season.

Tools Used:
Fine or Ultra-Fine Flat Sharpening Stone
Arrow (for easy broadhead handling)

Video by: Lane Walter

Different sharpening methods can be used depending on how much use or abuse the edges have seen. If you have been target shooting with your Iron Will Outfitters broadhead, you probably just need a light touch-up. This can be done in the assembled condition on a fine or extra-fine flat stone. Leaving the broadhead attached
to an arrow makes it easier to handle for this method. Hold down the blade edge to be sharpened so that it sits flat on the stone. Now tip the blade up very slightly, just a couple degrees, so that
the blade edge is the only part touching the stone. While holding this angle constant, push the edge along the stone for about five strokes. Turn the blade over and do the same to the other side. I
recommend repeating this process for 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 strokes, alternating sides and reducing the pressure as you go. This will minimize the chance for any remaining burrs and leave you with a very sharp edge.

This process can also be used on the bleeder blade.

Iron Will Outfitters Broadheads – As Reliable as Science Allows

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