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How to refill your HP M252, M252dw, M277, M277dw cartridge | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject How to refill your HP M252, M252dw, M277, M277dw cartridge? Are you looking to see low voltage toner? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

How to refill your HP M252, M252dw, M277, M277dw cartridge | The Best Power Tools.

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How to refill your HP M252, M252dw, M277, M277dw cartridge
How to refill your HP M252, M252dw, M277, M277dw cartridge

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Information related to the topic How to refill your HP M252, M252dw, M277, M277dw cartridge.

Save at least two thirds the cost of an original cartridge and halve the CO2 footprint.

Learn the simple approach we used to do ten successful refills without needing to change the chip.

Follow in our footsteps and learn how we did it, not how we imagine it could be done.

Get the refills here:

Get the fade out swatch here:

Products compatible with the following Hewlett Packard laser printers:
M252, M252dw, M 252, M 252dw, M277, M277dw, M 277, M 277dw, M252n, M 252n, M277n, M 277n.

The following HP part numbers can be refilled:
201a, 201x, CF400a, CF401a, CF402a, CF403a, CF400x, CF401x, CF402x, CF403x and “introductory” cyan, magenta and yellow cartridges that arrive with the new printer.

Fanfare for Space by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (
Artist: ..

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  1. What diameter is the hole? How much to ship a kit to South Africa? We do have 230V 50Hz here!

  2. So I've followed this guide but the hole is larger than the blind rubber grommets you've provided with my order. I used the 'flared' side of the copper, as per this video – was I supposed to use the narrow side? Why did I receive blind grommets instead of bung-style plugs?

  3. Laserjet Pro MFP M277dw. The options shown in the video to override this "very low" / printing in black are NOT as shown. I had to discover by trial and error, and will share here: From Control Panel –> Setup –> System Setup –> Supply Settings –> Colour Cartridges –> Very Low Setting –> change from "Black" to "Continue".

    You're welcome.

  4. I followed the video to refill the Yellow cartridge, but the printer came up, as before, with
    "Replace Yellow, printing in black". Which it did!
    Tried power off/on still the same.
    Tried Restore Defaults and I was then able to select Print Color but the machine still thinks the Yellow is low. Why does it not detect the level? Not that it really matters, it prints fine.

  5. How long the toner lasts with this type of recharge without changing the chip. I would have reset her too

  6. I've just refilled my m252dw black cartridge with your kit, but it did not take all the toner. I wonder if the waste toner is full and that is why. If I wish to empty the waste, does the melt hole as shown in you leaflet need to be in a specific position as is the case for the toner fill hole. The photo of where the waste hole is is not particularly clear on this point. Please advise.

  7. Hi, can you do a full video on how to refill and how to empty the waste on toner hp 201A to show the exact location of where the hole need to be done. This is for hp laserjet pro m277dw.

  8. Well.. I certainly didn't expect W. Shakespeare quotes on a printer cartridge refill video. Respect!

  9. Thanks for such an educative tutorial, I've checked in the amazon and found that most of the toner refills belong to different types of printers, how compatible shall this be to my HP LASERJET colour pro M277?

  10. Actually easier just to use a scissors and cut the bag. Trying to get a razor in there is next to impossible.

  11. Great Video, Just bought the HP M277 dw Pro, after watching your video to be honest I can't wait for the Toner to run out so I can try your Refill kit… it's Epic… reminds me of my first inkjet printer with the print head being fed by ribbon tubes going to the external bottles of ink, great savings!! lol Many Thanks.

  12. Here is a tip for everyone who are concerned with toner reset chips and warnings: If you have windows 10, after you buy the printer, DO NOT install the provided software and driver, just plug it in to the computer via USB and connect your computer to the internet and windows will automatically install the necessary driver. And the printer will print normally without any of the low printer ink warnings. This works with any kind of HP printer, Laser or inkjet.

  13. i'm about to purchase a m277dw printer. but i'm worried about the reset function of the printer's toner.. as +doctor_E stated it could be different compare to m252dw.

  14. Excellent video ! With the procedure done in the printer menu , you will not need to change the Chip Toner ?

  15. Excellent. Beat the man who tries to rip us off on toner cartridges. Dirty secret – most enterprise color printers use refill bottles just like the one shown in this video. Why should SOHO use be any different?

    ….Does anyone know where I can buy the parts in this video in the U.S.?

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