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How To Remove Your O'cedar Spin Mop Head | top best products brands

Are you searching for the subject How To Remove Your O'cedar Spin Mop Head? Are you looking to see washing spin mop head? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

How To Remove Your O'cedar Spin Mop Head | Top best products for household.

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How To Remove Your O'cedar Spin Mop Head
How To Remove Your O'cedar Spin Mop Head

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This video shows you how to remove the mop head from your O’cedar Spin Mop.

O’cedar Spin Mop Review:

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  1. 👏👏👏👍😎…Thank you for the tip & insight. I was wondering how to remove the mop head until now!!

  2. I love my o-Cedar mop too! I bought mine at Target for a cleaning job. The product is made in Germany. I didn’t know about the arrow on the top side. Glad you love your o-Cedar mop too

  3. Wow! Thank you! I was trying to separate it from the handle (pole) on the top (thought that the bracket had pins and I could just pinch them and the mop head would disconnect on the top side). Glad I checked out this video!

  4. This was just a lifesaver for me because my foot kept pulling the handle off!!!! Thank you!

  5. Embarrassed to say I couldn’t get the head off lol thank you for demonstrating! Now I can wash the head instead of buying a new one. I saw the head can be washed 10xs before being replaced and that’s why I bought it. I was so afraid to break it. Your method literally took 2 seconds and I was able throw it in the washer. Very happy! I also liked your demonstration of how to put the arrow forward … I wasn’t doing that but will now! Thank you again!!!! You saved me some money and a wasted head in a landfill. Not going back to my swiffer. I love this mop too!

  6. Thank you! I was about to get rid of or buy another one… but i said let me go to youtube… i found you ..instructions are simple and on point… I had to stop using bleach because it’s damaging to everybody .. no problem found something even better … shocked… thanks again.. washing my mop head now

  7. You said you use a bit of bleach in your water. May I ask what cleanser you use? My floor has endentions in it and they don't get clean. Anybody have any suggestions?

  8. Thanks for your awsome instructions. I couldn't figure it out intuitively. And thanks for the tip about the arrow. I never knew. I actually like to mop now with this O'Cedar Spin Mop. NEVER thought I'd say that 😁😊

  9. Thank you so much for this! I knew my spin mop head was removable but I could not figure out how to get it off.

  10. THANK YOU!!!! I could not figure it out to save my life!!!! (Love your accent! So cute!!!Where you from?) I love this mop also!!

  11. The replacement mop head, after one use is terrible. O'cedar brand replacement head matts and bunches. If I could load a picture I would show you the one time use for the replacement mop head

  12. When the arrow on the red top is facing forward it doesn't flop when I mop. You have to really look for that arrow. Thanks

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