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How to repair carpet / fix or repair carpet | Collection of reviews of best cleaning accessories.

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How to repair carpet / fix or repair carpet
How to repair carpet / fix or repair carpet

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  1. Pro Tip: I’m really reluctant to share this secret. But as a young boy, my dad taught me a cool trick 45 years ago that helps make the patch almost invisible.

    Forget squares. Cut a circle ⭕️. Use a bowl a plate or a bucket depending on the size needed. The human eye is much less likely to see the outline of a circle than it is a square.

    Carefully cut the circle in the old carpet and the new patch using the same mold (I.e. the bowl). Use a sharp blade and never free-style your cuts or it will look an amateur did it.

    When you put the circle patch in, make sure that you line up the carpet’s fiber patterns. Finally, last touch- Rake it good and nobody will ever know that it was there.

    Good Luck.

  2. how is it possible im the only one in the comments that knows this is how a crack head would do this

  3. I wish yu had rolled the carpet over to show the bonding. Thank you for the video though. :)

  4. I got 2 square samples from Amazon to replace piece I’m taking from closet. Wish me luck

  5. Great work I did find cutting a circle as opposed to a square looks more seem less and is less likely to get caught and start to get pulled up.

  6. Notice how he didn't pull up on it to see if it was stuck? I promise you this will not work. It might last until your first vacuum or the first time you step on it.

  7. Thanks to this unprofessional way to patch carpet a lot of people are trying this at home and it keep me busy they end up calling a professional carpet repair

  8. Need Six Things…1. Home Depot – Adhesive Tape 2. Wet Damp Towel 3. Scissors 4. Blade 5. Brush of Some Sort 6. Iron

  9. Hi Jacob … question how mouch charge for replace same size stains carpet ?

  10. Where do you get the new patch of carpet from that is the exact same as the rest of the room? A closet?

  11. I just bought a brand new house y my chihuahua destroyed part of my carpet. I was so mad at him, but now that you have gave me all that I need to repair it myself I'm happy again. Thank you so much

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