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How To Repair Wood With Epoxy Putty | Collection of reviews of best cleaning accessories.

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How To Repair Wood With Epoxy Putty
How To Repair Wood With Epoxy Putty

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A chunk of wood fell off my nightstand so I repaired it with epoxy putty. In this video I will show you how to repair wood using this method.

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  1. Just a tip. Next time use a plastic putty knife and smooth the putty out flush as much you can and shape the edges. Then you only have to use fine grit. Then use a good primer if you are painting or stain.

  2. When the putty is 1/2 way set you can take a sharp razor blade (New is best) and shave off excess which can later help cut down on sanding time.

  3. Thank you for this, my stairs have a big chunk missing now from dropping a couch on them, this will help.

  4. I guess sand paper would work just fine, maybe 120 grit to "clean" and 120 again after to prep for paint.

  5. Also incredibly helpful to wet your fingers while kneading, helps prevent the putty from sticking.

  6. If the furniture already had a big crack when delivered, it should have been sent back to the seller at the seller's expense.

    Furniture has been repaired but now you'll have to paint (I assume that putty is not stainable) the entire thing to make it look nice.

  7. Don't bother unwrapping it just slice  off a chunk.  Better to use gloves because this stuff is not good for the skin.

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