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How to Replace a Washing Machine Heater – Miele 6260482 | Cheapest cleaning accessories.

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How to Replace a Washing Machine Heater - Miele 6260482
How to Replace a Washing Machine Heater – Miele 6260482

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How to Replace a Miele 6260482 Washing Machine Heater

Miele 6260482 Waschmaschinen Heizung.

This is a full tutorial of dissembling a defect heater and assembling a new one.
The process is very similar to most of the existing Miele Washing machines, which unlike other manufacturers, use a sealing rubber that cannot be reused, so that each heater comes with new sealing and clips ..

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  1. Great video, thank you. But I have a question: aren't Miele washing machines built to last 20 years, or is that just marketing hype?

  2. This is a great video. One thing I would suggest doing differently is the re-assembly. I would suggest fitting the metal bits before insertion into the hole. Do all of this fiddly metal cover and fastening washer bits outside the machine before you insert the element into the machine. It will make your life much, much easier ;-)The chap in the video used his special tool to tap into place but you can also use an appropriate sized socket from a socket wrench set. On the new element use some soap/washing up liquid in the rubber grommet holes and slide the grommet onto both ends of the element right down to the bended bit. Then attach the metal cover onto the element and tap it down around 0.75cm onto the metal of the element ends. Then tap down the fastening washer rings as well, right up to the metal cover and the whole metal assemby should ideally be now be sitting 1cm onto the element ends. Try not to go further than 1.5cm. Once the metal and washers are in place they are set, they will not move. Now when all set you can slide the element assembly into the washing machine hole and into place. Because the rubber grommet is quite far forward at this stage, use your fingers to press the grommet firmly into the hole at this stage. This method allows you the space to be able to seat the grommet with your fingers all around the edges. Once you know the grommet is properly seated, then you can push the protruding metal assembly and element forwards (like a piston) into the machine. This way you can now press the metal assembly firmly up against the grommet by hand. The washing up liquid allows it to slide forward easily but once the washing up liquid has dried nothing will move :-)

  3. Great video and very helpful. I'm using a replacement OEM element and the rubber seal grommet that comes with it was ok but not as good quality as the original. Instead I used silicon around the edge of the original grommet. I removed the original very carefully and cleaned it all up and it was still very re-usable. The silicon also acted as a lubricant when re-inserting into the opening. That should now provide a waterproof seal and I think the original was fixed with some factory silicon anyway. I let the silicon dry for 24hrs before re-assembling the machine.

  4. Great video thank you! Everyone watching this make sure the element does not rub on the drum as pointed out by others happened to me too. Just give it a spin by hand once the element is in to avoid an annoying second strip down!!

  5. This was very helpful indeed. I have a couple of little additions that might be helpful to some. Be careful when pulling free the rubber seal – I was a bit too aggressive and actually bent/distorted the opening and had to carefully tap it back into shape with a bit of wood and a soft mallet. Even then – I wasn’t sure it would seal properly so I used a thin film of silicone bath sealant around the sealing rubber – it worked and actually helped provide a bit of lubricity to re- insert the element/rubber seal into the outer drum aperture.

  6. Something to be careful about: when you push in the new element make sure it engages properly with the mount at the back of the drum. It is possible (I just did it, so I know) to insert it above the mount. It looks superficially OK but it can scrape against the drum.

    Great video by the way. Thank you for putting it up.

  7. At 3:09 you place the clip on the wrong location, compare it with the location of the old clip at 2:50. The clip has to be placed more towards the contacts. The marking that you see in the lime (3:09) comes from the holder clip fixed inside of the drum.

  8. Very good information, i was stucked not knowing what you do,, with this video I understand how o remove the resistance. What is the tooling to fasten the clips?

  9. hi is there any one who could help me with advise on a miele washing machines? I have a 2240 washing machine with a fault! the heater element is permanently on! the only way you can turn it off is by the plug at the wall! you can turn the machine of with the off switch and it will turn off, but the element will still burn its self out!! any advice, apart from buy a new machine :)

  10. I find it impossible to push the new rubber sealing fully into the hole. Seams to need yet another 2 mm. Now I cannot pull the new rubber sealing out again. Should I have used some kind of grease on the rubber sealing before pushing the rubber sealing into the hole?

  11. Hello there, I have a Old Miele Hydromatic WT745 stuck on wash cycle? The tumble dry heater works fine. Any idea what the problem might be. I thought it could be heating element, but not sure. Turn the dial to start wash and it just doesn't move from the start? Kind Regards Rebecca.

  12. Been trying to figure this out for 2 weeks now, because the rubber sealing won´t come off. Guess it's just glued onto it with all the "dirt" (don´t know the english word).

    Anyhow, thank you so much for this video! You saved me! Favorited and liked!

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