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How to Restore a Drill Press | Tool Restoration | Vintage Walker Turner 900 Series 15" | Most-Buyed Power Tools

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How to Restore a Drill Press | Tool Restoration | Vintage Walker Turner 900 Series 15" | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools.

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How to Restore a Drill Press | Tool Restoration | Vintage Walker Turner 900 Series 15"
How to Restore a Drill Press | Tool Restoration | Vintage Walker Turner 900 Series 15"

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This Walker Turner 15″ 900 Series drill press was purchased for $25 bucks on letgo – broken and neglected, I purchased a replacement pulley on Ebay, rebuilt everything and got it running again. Thanks for watching. Be sure to subscribe!

Music Credits:
My man Justin Johnson is an incredible musician. I discovered him on youtube recently and fell in love with his slide guitar sound. Check him out!!

Subscribe to Justin Johnson’s YouTube channel for more videos:

Justin Johnsons Album “Drivin’ It Down” available for purchase here:

“RumbleStrippin'” from Justin Johnson’s “Drivin’ it Down” Double-Album

“Crankin’ It Up” in the Studio with the 3-String Shovel Guitar!



**TOURNIQUET** – SOF Tactical Tourniquet – If you work in a shop, you’re surrounded by sharp objects. No bullshit, It doesn’t take much to sever an artery and bleed the fuck out. I keep mine on a hook by the door, easy to grab, fully extended, ready to apply. Ive seen this work in the field, it will SAVE YOUR LIFE. Buy one now!

MIG WELDER – Hobart Handler 140 115v
GRINDER – My DEWALT Angle Grinder – 4.5/5” 13A 9000RPMs Trigger Switch
PORTABLE BANDSAW – Milwaukee Deep Cut Porta-Band, Corded GAME CHANGER
CORDED HEAVY DUTY DRILL – Dewalt 7.8A 1/2” Chuck Corded Drill
CORDLESS IMPACT DRIVER – Ryobi P237 18V One+ Lithium Ion Cordless Impact Driver 1/4 Keyless Chuck
CORDLESS DRILL – Ryobi P1813 One+ 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Hammer Drill
CIRCULAR SAW – Skil Worm Drive Mag 77 Circular Saw
RANDOM ORBITAL SANDER – Ridgid 5” Corded Sander
COMPRESSOR – Quincy QT5- 5HP 1PH 240V 80 Gallon Vertical Air Compressor
HEAT GUN – Milwaukee Dual Temperature Heat Gun

EVAPO-RUST GEL – Paint it onto big stuff that’s too large to soak, works great!


WIRE WHEEL -DEWALT 8” Bench Wire Wheel, 5/8 Arbor – Used on my Drill Press wheel
GRINDER WIRE WHEEL – DEWALT Knotted Wire Wheel For the Angle Grinder
GRINDER WIRE WHEEL – DEWALT Medium/Fine Wire Wheel For the Angle Grinder
GRINDER CUP WHEEL – “Knotted” Cup Wheel For the Angle Grinder
GRINDER CUP WHEEL – DEWALT “Krimped” Cup Wheel For the Angle Grinder
MINI WIRE BRUSHES – 6 Mini Stainless Steel Wire Brush Set – Used constantly!
BIG WIRE BRUSHES – 4 Wood Handled Wire Scratch Brushes




GLASSES – 3M Virtua Clear Safety Glasses – I trust 3M with my sight, Period.
FACE SHIELD – Uvex Bionic Face Shield
HEARING PROTECTION – 3M Peltor Soundtrap Slimline Electronic Headset Olive Green
GLOVES – Mechanix Wear Original, Black
WELDING HOOD – Miller Performance Series Auto Darkening Hood


HARDWARE ORGANIZATION – 12 PACK Bell Wide Mouth Mason Jars –
REGULAR USE HARDWARE POUCH – Bucket Boss “Parachute” Bag


SHOP FOOT WEAR – Brown Reef Flip Flops – The shoes OSHA intended but the lawyers denied
EVERYDAY SHIRT – Woolrich Green Plaid Long Sleeve Flannel
SHOP SHIRT – Red Kap Industrial Shirt Blue/White Strip Short Sleeve
DAILY PAINTS – Wrangler Men’s Retro Relaxed Fit Boot Cut Jean, Abilene
EVERYDAY BOOTS – Red Wings Retro Iron Ranger 6” Copper Rough and Tough
EVERYDAY HAT – Classic Herringbone Tweed Wool Jeff Cap
WATCH – Seiko Men’s Sport Solar Black Stainless Steel Watch ..

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  1. Based on the name plate this is a pre 1948 machine. Walker Turner is now Rockwell in Mississippi

  2. I like the fact that you slid the bottom the full length of the post in stead of taking it off the shorter distance off the bottom

  3. Great video. A little 15" W/Turner bench top drill press followed me home. I'LL HAVE TO DO THIS! :) She runs, and $110.00, couldn't be beat! :)

  4. Some of us would like the videos better without the music.
    It gets old pretty quick turning the sound on and off.

  5. i have one of those old W/T presses.
    for god's sake man, get a puller for bearings and pulleys! even a cheapie from horror fright will be better than a hammer!
    that collar above the chuck is there to push the chuck off the taper, the collar on mine is attached to the chuck to keep the chuck attached
    i would have replaced all four bearings and the two in the motor, they looked pretty dry. sue a puller to get them off, put new ones on top of a light bulb to warm them and they will slide right on

  6. Just watched your video on the restoration of the 14 inch bandsaw nice job it looks beautiful. I own one out in the garage it’s an old Rockwell same exact saw except the base is not nearly as nice as yours. That said I’m curious why you would shit-can the original motor. Those things are tanks and they last forever. Never have to worry about replacing it. I just was curious why you did that, if you want to donate it to a good cause, cause I need one let me know I’d be happy to take it. LOL thanks for your video it was great!

  7. nice job and thanks for putting together the video. My spring broke. Any idea where to get a duplicate return spring (3/4” wide)? Not having luck finding it. thx

  8. Why did you wire wheel the parts when it looks like youve got a good sized blast cabinet? Also, is that blast cabinet made out of a drum? Is that a kit or a homemade piece?

  9. How did you get the pulley out of the bidet I’m doing a the Same restoration and I’m suck on that part

  10. At 25:25 (ish) what is that cup type part he is replacing do? My Buffalo drill press has something similar there and I can't figure what it does . .. one thought was that by turning it either direction, control how fast or slow the quill will returns to the top of the stroke

  11. 2:50 – I just love the fact that you've put all the safety gear on and then proceeded in thongs. Respect! And nice to see Keith's cameo.

  12. You are missing the beat on you digeridoo or maybe it is just me but I do not know that tune,,,lol.

  13. Hey, Dave, I didn't know you were a musician, too! So funny.

    This looks a lot like my old Craftsman… what did you use on your angle grinder to clean the post so well?

  14. Awesome videos. Can't wait for more power wagon updates and new shop updates. I'm getting ready to rebuild the same drill press I scored for $75. My question is where did you find replacement bearings? I heard they are a hard size to find. Thanks man and keep up the great videos.

  15. I'm starting restorations. So I loved that you showed that things go wrong, fall over, sometimes you hit something with a wrench, and make do. I sometimes look down and notice that I'm barefoot in my shop, so I understand the sandals thing too. But I didn't know that the Jacobs Chuck had any drawbacks or criticism.

  16. Did you ever think about using a ball-joint fork to remove those pulleys? Beating them off like that runs the danger of warping them. Just a thought.

  17. Sir great stuff, baby carrier and all lol. Your going to drive the nuts to come out of the woodworks or from their mothers basement for you lol…

  18. En mi vida he visto un tipo más bruto e inconsciente trabajando. Una verdadera verguenza

  19. Your work is absolutely phenomenal it is amazing to watch such a master Craftsman to such amazing work my only question is how can such a skilled Craftsman such as yourself do such a boneheaded jackass move has to paint the manufacturers plate Gray that is supposed to have been one of the most key components either restore it to its former glory or at the very least clean it up and put it on old and let people look at it as the beautiful piece of memorabilia that it is you're such a dumbass you f*** up the best part of the whole damn project if you're going to continue to do that kind of a dumbass move do us all a favor and go wash a floor somewhere or go flip burgers at least no one will yell at you and you screw that job up they will just fire you

  20. Subscribed! The last two comments reminded me people are such assholes. Nothing and I mean nothing can be done about that. My only questions are did you replace all the bearings and please tell me you didn’t throw the Jacob’s chuck away?

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