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How To Screw Into Concrete | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject How To Screw Into Concrete? Are you looking to see how much weight can a screw hold? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

How To Screw Into Concrete | The Best Power Tools.

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How To Screw Into Concrete
How To Screw Into Concrete

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In this video I’m sharing an easy way to screw into concrete block. I used an anchor kit that includes the anchors, screws, and drill bit, link is below.

Link to the Triple Grip Anchor and Screw Kit from Home Depot:

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how much weight can a screw hold

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  1. This is a very helpful video. So you are showing that it isn't required for the "wings" to go behind anything like they would with say 1/2" drywall. Just need to make the hole the right size so it is snug when it goes in. I am hanging a mailbox to brick on side of house that might be say max 20 lbs when full.. Am I on the right track?

  2. Man thanks but no thanks. just viewd the video and almost was convenced to buy a cordless drill; but seeimg "how the power will faulter can't understand the why, for a battery powerd drill. I stay remoltly offgride and depend 70% of my power on a generator or my battery power jump box. @ lease when i power up i'll finsh before the power die. I really can't see the why for any work tool that'll requies a chargeing up. Those batter powered drills are just for a quick fix.🚀🐇🇺🇸

  3. I bought a Black and Decker hammer drill 18v 1.5Ah to drill my concrete wall (around 1cm plaster before the blocks), it was like drilling in wood, so not fair to say it doesn't have the guts. 😂 You should try using fake Makita or Bosch as I did (I borrowed it), those drained my life force just to get 1cm deep.

  4. I had some old screws and anchors wear out and I need to put in a new anchor and screw. Should I refill the hole with some sort of liquid concrete or something, let it dry, and repeat the entire process? Or just jam another anchor in there and screw away?

  5. And I was going to pay someone to put 4 holes in my concrete wall for a shelf. 🤦🏾‍♂️
    Thanks. This video was very helpful.

  6. Tips on drilling concrete : buy alpen multicut drill bit..easier to drill concrete using normal/battery powered drill..no need impact/hammer drill

  7. I asked for a workshop to make for me a pull up bar that is 205cm height and two dip bars that 130cm he used for the dip bar long screw and for pullup bars i think in home applications it is considered medium or a bit larger bolts they are all woobly the pullup bar is more stable they are fanstened on ceramic floor and under it concrete i don't know what is the best solution is it to go to other workshop to make the base larger or change the fasteners make them longer or larger if i can or make a support and attached to the bars but how they are shaped i don't know yet so do you have any suggestions

  8. Very helpful, thanks!! I had a question about the chart indicating how much weight an anchor can hold. I am screwing stall bars (gymnastics piece of equipment) into a concrete wall. I anticipate people up to 250-ish pounds (or more) will be using this equipment so I want it to be very sturdy. I am wondering if using at least 4 of the #10 anchors would work, meaning the amount of weight the anchor holds would quadruple from 100-400. Do you think it works this way?

  9. Well, damn. I’m off to Home Depot to buy that kit. I feel like more of a man for watching this video. Thanks!

  10. This is going to be fun I'm going to be trying this with a FIXA, Ikea drill, for this project.
    I think maybe on the third day no success I'll look into a different drill.

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