How to test your water heater's temperature and pressure relief valve | Cheapest cleaning accessories

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How to test your water heater's temperature and pressure relief valve | Cheapest cleaning accessories.

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How to test your water heater's temperature and pressure relief valve

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The temperature and pressure relief valve on your water heater is a crucial component of your water heater that should never be removed or disabled. It should also be tested periodically to ensure that it’s working properly.

Relief valves usually discharge for one of two reasons:
– excessive pressure buildup over 150 psi
– temperature inside the tank exceeds 210 degrees F

In either of these cases, the pressure relief valve will open to prevent an explosion. If you notice water around your water heater and there’s no sign of a leak, it’s likely that your temperature and pressure relief valve has recently opened.

In addition to ensuring that your house has an ideal range of water pressure coming in from the main, you want to make sure that your thermostat on your water heater isn’t set too high. It’s a good idea to test your valve at least once a year to ensure it’s not being blocked by sediment buildup.

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  1. House destroyed. Water heater launches through the roof and lands 300 feet away. Here's what happens when a water heater has a faulty T&P valve or when someone removes the temperature and pressure relief valve from the water heater. It becomes a rocket and/or a bomb. Again, yes your T&P valve needs to be tested periodically. And yes, sometimes it may begin dripping afterwards requiring a replacement valve. But that's still better than the loss of your home or family. Watch this news story and see for yourself what can happen.

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  3. Roto Rooter, every time i call , your service tech diagnoses the fix and goes back to his truck. Then sits there smoking for 3 hours. In the end comes in and fix the repair for 10 min and hands a bill for $300. Would you recommend any plumbers other than yours in our area?😁

  4. hi. I have changed 2 new heater of bajaj but as soon as i connect the inlet pipe safely valve start leaking. before even start heating the water

  5. What happened if hot water come in on chicken sink but not hot water come out from sink in bathroom and shower

  6. I need some one from rotor rooter to take a look at mind just noticed waste on floor hope nothing badly wrong

  7. My valve has an additional thing on top which yours does not have. Water leaks from there. What is it?

  8. can any1 tell me what would cause a hi pitch noise(stick my finger in my ears so loud) only when the heat pump is on on my hybrid AO smith water heater? only heard on hybrid an efficiency mode.

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  10. Dont open the valve, it may not seat it reseal properly. Only people trying to sell you a new valve or water heater would suggest opening the valve

  11. The guy who installed our boiler told us to release the pressure relief valve once a month for few seconds. Is that okay? Also if you don't do this on your own does it relief valve by itself?

  12. What is wrong with my hot water pressure it's only low in the kitchen sink the other rooms water pressure is good

  13. My old water heater lasted 10 years without an expnasion tank. When the plumber installed our new water heater, he didnt even mention or suggest an expansion tank. Last week I tested the valve on our new heater and couldnt get it to stop dripping. Replaced the valve and havent had an issue since.

  14. "simply place a bucket beneath the discharge tube…" Okay, what sort of bucket would you recommend? I'm trying in vain to find one that'll fit under the discharge tube.

  15. Does it have to be a copper pipe coming from the t&p valve ? Or can it be like a regular black pipe?

  16. Excellent video! Everything was explained professionally and in an easy to understand manner. Thanks

  17. Removing Pressure release valve, pouring cement down drains peeing on the floors and ice trays is a common occurrence on foreclosed homes

  18. I've been a resident of one of High Associates Ltd apartment complexes for the past month and have had lukewarm to cold water, even after they'd replaced the water heater. This is supposed to be an emergency; however, the "maintenance men" as well as office personnel have been treating me as if I'm a problem. Should I escalate this to calling 911, being as it is considered an emergency?.. I would imagine this will help in getting me out of my lease and into a more reliable, better rated apartment complex! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  19. What of the pressure on the system continues to increase over time even if the water heater is turned off at the breaker…my t and p valve continues to leak…

  20. This does NOTHING to prove whether or not the valve will work in an over pressurized tank condition. The valve could fail internally and not work at all when you really need it! You risk leakage from the valve seat if it is older, has calcium deposits on it, and if it has any debris from the tank in it – causing it to leak. If you are really concerned about the age or function of the valve – replace it! Or you can pay these shysters $150.00 to come in, open the valve and purge it, and have it leak down the road! As he said, they are very important – the tank can explode causing injury, death, and extensive property damage! The Schrader valve on the expansion tank is there to keep a specified air charge on the bladder inside – you MUST check the air charge after releasing ANY air from it! The thermostats are to be set to 125 degrees – as per most installation codes and almost ALL water heater manufacturers! If you call and see this (master plumber) at your door – slam the door in his face!

  21. Is it normal that there is fume coming out from the plastic faucet down the tube of the relief valve? The tube is also hot. I'm scared. Please help. Thanks

  22. I have a bucket under mine that collects water from my tank. I usually have to empty the bucket every couple of weeks. Do I need to replace anything? or is this normal?

  23. Should the Temp and pressure relief valve be hot to the touch? ….Meaning you couldn’t hold your hand on it for 6 seconds because it’s too hot to the touch.

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