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How to Upgrade Your Charging System (Mechman Alternator) | AnthonyJ350 | Best hand-held repair tools

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How to Upgrade Your Charging System (Mechman Alternator) | AnthonyJ350 | Newly updated handsets.

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How to Upgrade Your Charging System (Mechman Alternator) | AnthonyJ350
How to Upgrade Your Charging System (Mechman Alternator) | AnthonyJ350

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Upgrade your charging system by changing out your alternator. A lot of people like to add sound systems, lights, entertainment and other items to their vehicles. I see people upgrading their batteries and even upgrading the wiring. However the alternator seems to be overlooked quite often.

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Upgrading your battery is great but when then engine is running, the alternator is what’s running all the electrical components in your vehicle. Making sure your alternator can keep up with all the electrical demands of your equipment.

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MechMan 250 Amp Elite Series Alternator for GM Trucks

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How to Upgrade Your Charging System (Mechman Alternator) | AnthonyJ350


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  1. Does replacing the stock alternator with a 400amp alternator harm any vehicle wires or electrical components? Like fry cables make electrical things run hotter etc etc.Id like to know before i buy one for my 2002 Chevy Blazer Xtreme 4.3 Vortec. Thank You

  2. Did you leave in the 2 gauge welding wire? I'm going to install mechman 250 amp alt. and I have a bunch of 2 gauge weld wire laying around wondering if that is big enough or if I really need buy and use the 1 gauge? and why do you double up on the 2 gauge wire?

  3. Man some of that Spanish music that’s mixed with that epicenter can pull more amps and produce more bass than regular rap music or other music man. Awesome setup! I’m needing to do the same on my 2018 Silverado. I’m running a sundown 2000d mono block and I’m pushing 4 kicker l78 subs. Two alone is awesome but I don’t want to run the other two till I get my electrical right. My bolts drop waaaayyyyy down with the amp barely turned up and just two going

  4. After installing my high output alternator my car went through a short re-learn. Also, that's due to my battery being disconnected for most of the afternoon. everything seems stabilized now.

  5. I know this is late in the game… But did you remove the fusible link between the alternator and the original connecting point where you would jumpstart the car In other words the red box. That small wire that you were holding your hand I believe was a fusible link. so my question was did you remove that and just replace it with a larger gauge wire. Thanks

  6. very informative video! I am considering buying that exact alternator for my 06 Silverado SS. Question, I know I have to run a new 1/0 negative thru the loop sensor the the alt, and new 1/0 positive to the battery, but what should I run to the junction box? 4 gauge? Unless I missed that in your video of course lol

  7. Sounds great but dat price thow yikes every time someone knows they got sum then BAAAAAAM headed up that $$$$$$$$$$ latter sumbody gittin dat new cruise-ship for Christmas.

  8. Great video I upgraded to a high out put alternator and the mechanic who installed it said I didn’t need to upgrade the wires Needless to say the car kept dying out lights wouldn’t work and he tried to say it was a bad alternator… smh

  9. I've put a 200 amp alternator in my truck and I'm see my voltage meter drop down to what seems like 11 on my gauge only when I'm in idle though, is this a normal thing for these gm trucks with higher amp alternators

  10. Not a fan of all the mouth that comes with info and mechanic stuff but I do like solid performance and I would appreciate the upgrade. I will look into it.

  11. If you're getting whine in your soundsystem, you could add some capacitance from the alternator output stud and ground. Also mover your power takeoffs from the stud to the battery itself would go a long ways towards supplying cleaner power. The battery is like a giant capacitor absorbing hash, whine, spikes noise etc.

  12. Awesome video! I left a comment on your other video two days ago and told you that I was running two of these and it's so awesome to see other people experience how amazing these alternators are

  13. Cam u please expand on the clamp meter grounding portion? As far as do u need a new one? How much wire can u get through it? And an overall on this subject. I can't find anything on this.

  14. Great video (I also viewed your other video from April 10, 2018 – "Don't make this wiring mistake Regulated Voltage Control"), which appeared to be made before you installed the Mechman alternator. At first, I was going to follow your recommendations, and those of others, to do the big 3 upgrade. However, after seeing this video, speaking to Mechman tech, and researching a little more I decided to follow the recommendations regarding the RVC method. I have a few questions, I am hoping you can provide some advise, so I can get clarification for my install. In this video (at 4:22) you reference the junction point (which appears to be the plastic housing for the positive wires, originating at battery). I am not sure where the large gauge wire terminates in this junction box, but the stock factory wire splits off the large gauge wire and goes to the charging stud of the stock alternator. When I install the mechman alternator (mine is a 320 amp, so I am using 1/0 welding wire)…am I going to run two wires from my alternator like you did – one from alternator to this junction point (in my case 1/0 wire), then a second from alternator to positive terminal of battery (which will be fused with about a 350 amp inline fuse). Or do I just use the latter option by itself, and not do the second wire to the junction box. I am confused about the current flow the way you have it set up in your video with the two wires. Can you clarify or give a recommendation for my install. Any info is much appreciated.

  15. i just installed a mechmann (remanufactured) on my blazer 2002 V6 Vortex 4.3L the strange thing is my Sense cable, when i connect it. it won't load anything? but when i dont connect it 't loads over 18V way to high!!! do you maybe have a solution or an opinion?

    the sense cable is connected to the positive side of the battery
    the block is connected to the battery with a 2/0 gauge
    also all + wires are upgraded to 2/0 gauge

    thanks already

  16. I have a high output alternator but I just don't know how to bypass the factory ground so I can get the best performance from my alternator

  17. your very first statement, you may have some horsepower loss that's not noticeable but to keep in mind. you earned a subscriber and a like! thank you so much for this video

  18. I have a 2012 Camry and in need of a higher output alternator and it’s very hard to find one. What’s the website or what do you recommend amperage wise. Right now I have a 100 amp but I found a 250amp from power bastards and from what I hear THEYRE pretty good. Not sure. Thanks for the help

  19. Their website states “This unit comes equipped with a smaller 1.75 inch diameter alternator pulley, and will require a slightly shorter drive belt for proper belt tension” did you have to replace your drive belt, and if yes do you have a reference. Also, these alt are rated to 20k rpm due to the smaller pulley, do you know the safe rpm range for the truck before pushing the alt to its max? I live in a hilly area and sometimes pull a trailer. I dont want to blow a $600 alternator. Thanks

  20. Being that gm has the alternator voltage regulator will the high output alternator help?

    I have 1500 watt system. My voltage drops really low when the truck (2017 GMC Sierra) dials back the voltage. If I add the alternator will the voltage stabilize even if the regulator tells it to dial back? I heard you say external voltage regulator, will that override when the truck is telling it to dial back?

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