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How To Use a Rotary Polisher! – Chemical Guys | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject How To Use a Rotary Polisher! – Chemical Guys? Are you looking to see can you use a random orbital sander for car polishing? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

How To Use a Rotary Polisher! – Chemical Guys | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools.

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How To Use a Rotary Polisher! - Chemical Guys
How To Use a Rotary Polisher! – Chemical Guys

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We get a lot of questions about selecting the “right” machine, polishing pad, and polishing compound. People always ask what works best for black paint, for red paint; for hard paint, for soft paint; for domestic cars, for import cars, etc. You can make just about any paint finish shine on any vehicle if you select the best combination of polishing machine, buffing pad, and polishing compound for that particular car. Every car and every paint job is different, though: How much paint did the manufacturer spray on? What paint brand and formula did they use? What type of paint is it: petroleum-based or water-based? Was it waxed and cared for, or was it neglected for years and destroyed by the elements? How humid was it the day they painted that run of cars? Was the car in an accident and was it repainted with completely different paint? These are the questions you need to consider as you start polishing a car.

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can you use a random orbital sander for car polishing

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  1. Is it common to do paint/scratch cutting with rotary buffer then switching to DA for correcting swirls that the cutting process leaves behind?

  2. Pick up a cheap junk car panel from your local junk yard or whereever, and go at it with no fear :)

  3. Great Vid
    Maybe a silly question but are the cutting/polishing pads disposable after using once or can they be used another day on another car ?

  4. I have a doubt that it is possible to use polish pad on rotary machine to get perfect results…

  5. This is very helpful. Keep posting videos with rotary polishers.

    Will 1000-1200 rpms will be ok to polish too? I live in a warmer area and not sure if that affects.

  6. How do you know when to reduce and increase the RPM’s of the rotary tool when using a polish and sealant?

  7. Good info..still not ready to take the leap yet, so I will stick with hand polish/waxing. :)

  8. At the end of the video you mention finishing up with some type of wax or ceramic coating. What would you suggest for fresh paint bc/cc. I've just wet sanded to 3000 and have stepped all the way thru to the V38. Whats next to protect it…again, just painted 2 weeks ago. Thanks!

  9. Nick y don't u use wool pads or hybrid pad with rotary than finish down with v38?after 6 years ive been watching ur videos no one at shop doesnt.b well

  10. Big fan and love all the vids! I just bought more pads this afternoon. I've gotta say you look like your a bit afraid of the rotary, personally I was a bit disappointed in the results. I feel like you didnt cut deep enough and maybe should have used V32 or applied a lot more pressure to really get at those defects. Was the paint really that bad or was the camera angle just a bit less then flattering? I've had amazing results with V32 and V34 with really bad paint and other then a lot of dusting which is annoying I like the cut. One more question, speaking of dusting how is it I manage to dust the whole car and you had very little dust? Am I using too much product?

  11. Rotary machine💘💘.. I Think is the best.. If you work with it correct!!Excellent video with very helpful information!!.. Today i was finish another one car with full Chemical Guys protucts!.. Another one costumer from Cyprus Happy❤️🇨🇾❤️

  12. Please clean up your dusty cars on and under the lift 😅
    They were clean an sparkling when you started making videos in this location 😭

  13. How long does it take to polish a car using rotary vs a the torq21 and torq10x? I have the 10fx and feel like I could use a bit more power

  14. You guys should do a video on decals. Like do you polish them, do you not polish them? What do you do? How do you car for decals on cars?

  15. This may be a strange question but I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse and I have wing on the back of my car. There is very little space under the wing. How would I polish under the wing with a rotary polisher?

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