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How to Use Push In Wire Connectors | Latest information about hand tools

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How to Use Push In Wire Connectors | Best hand tools.

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How to Use Push In Wire Connectors
How to Use Push In Wire Connectors

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Ideal push in quick connect wire connectors, review of removal, solid & stranded wire sizes for 2 3 and 4 port connectors, code compliance and installation instructions.

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  1. Condition #2: You can reuse with the same size wire or LARGER. Lower nominal gauge = larger wire diameter (in case anyone is confused).

  2. Hi thank you for this video , Quick Question… my wires were silver and when I cut it back it was copper? What was the silver coating that was originally on it before I cut it back?

  3. I need to make more room in my outlet boxes to install smart switches, as the switches are deep and take up much of the box. In the 2-, 3-, and 4-gang boxes it is impossible to fit them with all the twisted wire and wire nuts. I was planning to experiment with push-in connectors so that the wire could be folded more compactly into the back of the box. Unfortunately, the brand of smart switches that I have chosen come with stranded wire pigtails. I might still give it a try in at least one box.

  4. Pull ans twist!! Thank you! That's what I needed to know! I can confirm now, that this works on the Ideal module 102 two wire plug as well.

  5. Thanks for your help. If some one did not strip enough insulation off, how would you know if you pushed it into the insulation part of the wire? Or is it not possible?

  6. You can't pull wire nuts off like these. I do think they're nice for capping of the wires in light fixtures before the drywall goes up. That way the homeowner or whoever can wire their lights up.

  7. I like your explaination style. Very very clear! You are fantastic🏅👍👍. Thanks so much!

  8. Excellent help. I just unboxed a new kitchen ceiling light and it had the identical connectors you demonstrated. I had never seen these and had always used wire nuts. I thought I needed to open it but was unable, so I checked here. THANKS!

  9. I'm not a fan of the push in connections. In my experience they don't save time and the connection is less secure than wire nuts. The problem is that twisting the wires can back them out of the connector.

    When you run wires to a receptacle, you separate out each color of wire and make your connections. When you cram everything into the box that twists the wires around and you can visually seen some of your connections have started backing out. Then I have to recheck all my connections and spend time pushing wires into their connectors from inside the receptacle. (Because pulling everything out of the receptacle would just start the process over.)

    The push in connections may be rated for stranded wire but in real life I can't imagine that working at all. The wire would be a mangled mess by the time you got it in the connector. I might try the wago connectors with levers at some point but I don't plan on ever buying push connectors again.

  10. – VERY HELPFUL ! ! ! Would be even more helpful if, in the near future, you'd do demo on an actual wiring project using the WAGO push-in nuts. Thanx for sharing.

  11. Keep meaning to get some of these would be great in the caravan which has solid wire for 12v and 240v wiring. Btw you sound like the lady from How its Made!

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