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How to Wax a Table Saw Top (woodlogger.com) | Best hand tools

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How to Wax a Table Saw Top (woodlogger.com) | Newly updated handsets.

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How to Wax a Table Saw Top (woodlogger.com)
How to Wax a Table Saw Top (woodlogger.com)

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This short video shows how and what I use to clean the tablesaw top in my shop. You’ll be amazed how much easier your stock will feed into your tablesaw after doing this. For other tips and more information check out my site over at: www.woodlogger.com




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  1. I have that same saw, it's a great little table saw!! Great video, I need to do this to my Craftsman saw.

  2. Actually, using paste wax is not such a good idea. If you get paste wax on wood that you later want to stain or paint it will cause the job to be spotted and blotchy where the stain or paint was not allowed to penetrate the wood.
    A much better choice for protecting your saw surface it CRC 3-36. It is available at most big box tool store. ( Home Depot, Lowe's, Ace, etc.) CRC 3-36 will protect you saw better than wax.
    Tip 2.
    Using sand paper on you cast iron surfaces is a terrible idea. It not only scratches the surface but removes good metal. A far better idea is to use Navel Jelly. Available at the stores listed above. Follow the label directions. Using some #2 or #3 steel wool before you apply Navel Jelly to loosen the rust really helps. For the really tough stuff also use steel wool along with Navel Jelly and before you clean it off.
    Rust is the cancer of metal and once the iron has changed to iron oxide (rust) there is no going back. Navel Jelly will remove the iron oxide. There is no point in sanding away good iron.

  3. My dad used to use that can. You can rub a discarded candle on the table too. While you're at it, cut a slice or two from the candle with that circular saw too, to give a smooth cut to fine woods. Watch for the wick of candle, also its color if the cut end of wood will be visible in the finished product.

  4. Nice video thanks, I been using Johnson paste wax on table saw for decades, it's quick and easy.

  5. Thank you for the video I just got my first cast iron table-saw (by Ridgid) and I put way too much wax thank you this definitely helps out.

  6. Take a sheet of 200 grit sandpaper and give the top a good rub down, that thing will shine like a new nickle when you're done. All those water spots up top will be gone.

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