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HOW WE STRIP – BX/MC CABLE FOR COPPER !!! | List of the Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject HOW WE STRIP – BX/MC CABLE FOR COPPER !!!? Are you looking to see what is mc cable used for? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

HOW WE STRIP – BX/MC CABLE FOR COPPER !!! | Most-Buyed Power Tools.

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Best Way We Found To Strip Bx/Mc Cable by Hand !!

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  1. I'm an electrician and have been doing it a while ( like 15 years stripping) When you have alot the easiest way (especially in long lengths is to cut about a foot off and rap the wire around a post or something that won't move and unravel the mc then just pull the whole sheathing off! Works best up to like 50 ft. If it gets stuck bc of a kink just cut half way or wherever you think its getting caught and do the 2 diff peices. Way easier

  2. I have watched stuff on keeping the wires inside the aluminium (after separated from the aluminum) unstripped and stripping them to bare bright. Which option is better? Some say you'll get more if you just turn them in unstripped. Im confused please help.

  3. How did you come across that much MC in such good shape?!
    I work in electrical and I dream of a haul like that!

  4. Ever deal with galvanized conduit? Aluminum was much easier, but what I ended up doing was using a powered drill to unwind it. Unfortunately, it's rather like a finger trap in that tugging on it just makes it tighter. Made pretty quick work of it 😎😈

  5. How did I ever manage to loose my best friend? You know I’m some kind of wonderful magik idiot sometimes…. I didn’t think you could see a love like I had… but you two showed me I wasn’t alone in what is now hindsight..damnit Emily!! I want the simple things.. I can live with a little and not a lot I just need that Ehm-Lay from the block…wit me😓 Cheers kids for the love in all the right places! And showin it through yo faces! 😘

  6. Awesome tip. A better pair of diagonal cutters or lineman pliers as suggested in another comment would be a good idea. Those mastercrap cutters are garbage! Looks like you're straining your wrist to complete the cut, no good!

  7. When I do find some cables like that, I will definitely reference this video, I like how you guys put it altogether in a simple to follow process! :)

  8. I guess that's the easiest way if you don't have a grinder to cut it up every 5 feet that's how I do it

  9. You're soooo lucky man. Your wife is so beautiful and so sexy. She's always happy when you go dumpster diving. I'm jealous. Best of luck beautiful people!

  10. thanks for posting the fahrenheit temp up as I don't know nothing about the other, yep that is cold. Just think I will be outside in a T shirt today….maybe i think it might get down to 55 or 60F today.

  11. I have same wire stripper. Just remove the hand crank then put a drill way faster. Just keep feeding the machine

  12. More awesome video guys. I love catching up Tues mornings! As for whether or not your method id the most efficient, I have to be honest and say it beats all the other methods I have learned and/or developed. I certainly will be switching to your method if/when I get back into scrapping. For the trolls commenting on time versus profit, even if you were making $2 an hour, it would still be more money that you would make watching Big Brother, anything Kardashian, Jersey Shore, etc.  Just keep doing you. Seriously. What a fantastic way to build your relationship and some personal wealth.

  13. super smart method on stripping BX cable. you guys are so close to 5,000 subscribers :-)

  14. I guess that ths roll of wire that U cut and into pieces could have been sold for at least 10 Dollars,
    if not 15. Right as it was.
    Now after stripping it to bare braids (or wires) and this Al shielding U might get
    what as scrap metal exactly? 5 Dollars? OK if U wanted to show this stripping and stuff for the video,
    but technically I'd say that it doesnt make any sence.

  15. O_° And I am freezing at -5C outside…
    poor guys, hope the heating bill does not eat up all Your nice finds ;)

  16. If yall were to use some lineman pliers that wire would be easier to cut. Or use a file to sharpen your current cutters.

  17. Hi Guys: Nifty trick! Scrap aerobics with Cassie, "snap, twist, clip, pull…" hahaha. Our temps are about the same right now. Brrr.

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