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HowTo: Interchange Your Bosch & Dremel 12V Max Li-Ion Batteries ~8220 Multi-Max 8200 PS41 | List of the Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject HowTo: Interchange Your Bosch & Dremel 12V Max Li-Ion Batteries ~8220 Multi-Max 8200 PS41? Are you looking to see dremel screw driver? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

HowTo: Interchange Your Bosch & Dremel 12V Max Li-Ion Batteries ~8220 Multi-Max 8200 PS41 | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List.

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HowTo: Interchange Your Bosch & Dremel 12V Max Li-Ion Batteries ~8220 Multi-Max 8200 PS41
HowTo: Interchange Your Bosch & Dremel 12V Max Li-Ion Batteries ~8220 Multi-Max 8200 PS41

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Here’s how to easily interchange your batteries for all of your Bosch 12v Max Lithium-Ion Batteries with your Dremel 12V Max Lithium-Ion batteries.

It only takes a few seconds to convert one battery to the other tool. No Modification required. ~
~ ..

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  1. Hi aren't the dremel batteries the same as Bosch batteries for green 12V tools? "Power For All" format.
    I have a bunch of batteries for the greens, and I'm trying to figure out if I could fit them in blue tools.

  2. I tried to replace old bosch 10.8v 1.5Ah for a new 12v 2.0Ah and the 12v is a little bit taller and the clips inside my PSR 1080 screwdriver handle aren't catching the battery so it isn't fully inserted, shame it didn't worked for me :(
    Wasted £30 for 12V which doesn't fit at all

  3. I wonder if the milwaukee 6.0ma 12volt battery will fit the dremel.. with some modification it should fit…

  4. I recently (2/2020) purchased a new version of the excellent tool that uses these batteries to take advantage of the multi-head feature. One of the two batteries was defective from the outset. No worries, when I called to register the warranty I reported the issue and a replacement is being sent. When I asked about returning the defective one I was told to dispose of it in an environmentally responsible way. Always the geek I wondered about the possibility of repair and as a result viewed this "excellent video".

    In the 7 years since this was made there have been some changes. Most notably the end cap on the Bosch battery pack is much harder to remove. A very sticky adhesive has been applied between the end cap and the rest of the pack. I ended up using my Dremel clone to cut away the center of the end cap. That revealed and loosened the adhesive allowing the end cap to be removed. The rest of the pack case is now a single piece of plastic that the battery assemble is press fit into (no cap). It appears that there is now a rubber insulator between the batteries. This insulator is compressed when the batteries are inserted into the case. This produces a very tight fit. The resulting assembly has so far resisted my attempts at non-destructive disassembly.

  5. Does the same work for 10.8 v dremel battery? I can't find a charger to replace my bad Dremel

  6. The same batteries but with a slightly different casing bottom to restrict swapping out between brands.

  7. I was actually just about to spend thousands of dollars for solar batteries, but I searched around to see if there were other options before I did. Luckily I found your course! Because instead, I was able to get old free batteries (like you show how to do), recondition them, and have an entire battery bank for almost no cost [Check Details Here==>https://plus.google.com/100351090281822647456/posts/Gwtd4mVBdEd ]. Absolutely incredible!

  8. Will this modification work on the Bosch BAT420 4 amp-hour battery so you can use it in the Dremel 8220 cordless rotary tool? I would love to use the extra capacity and the Bosch 30 minute charger with my Dremel 8220. The base of the Bosch battery looks like it might be a problem, though.

  9. They should make standard sizes for these batterys. Its a pain in the ass when your battery fails and you have another battery from a different manufacturer which doesnt fit…

  10. It seems that this video would also be VERY useful for owners of both green (DIY) and blue (pro) lines of Bosch tools so that they could use same batteries in both tools. Everywhere on the forums they say that batteries are not interchangeable but (to a wide extent) the only difference seems to be geometry of the caps that are easily exchanged as shown in this video.

  11. Seems like it would be better to break the snaps that secure the battery to the fascia. This would allow the plastic pieces to act as battery lids/caps instead.
    Like a remote control's battery door.

  12. You mentioned in the comments below that you used the BAT414.  I noticed that Bosch has a newer 4Ah version called the BAT420.  The base looks different so I'm assuming it won't interchange.  Do you have any experience with it?

  13. Thanks!!  The good folks at Bosch have slightly altered their design since this video for their 414 battery. First, they have a solid paper label covering the 3 slots where the flat blade screwdriver is inserted. Second, the plastic shell under this cover is no longer closed. There is a double-backed adhesive pad to hold the cover directly onto the batteries.  I think it makes removing the cover slightly harder? Not sure since i have never done this before with Bosch, but my old Dremel battery was much easier prying.

  14. Dude, you just saved me like 20 bucks!  These damn dremel batteries are double the price of the bosch ones.  unbelievable.

  15. Excellent :-) great idea. Just wondering though, would a dremel 8220 battery fit my 8200? I know 8220 is 12v and 8200 10v though

  16. Great info, thanks. Which Bosch batteries are you using please? They may be cheaper here in Aus than the cripplingly expensive Dremels. Thanks.

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