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Husky 46'' Workbench // Unboxing and Quick look | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List

Are you searching for the subject Husky 46'' Workbench // Unboxing and Quick look? Are you looking to see mobile workbench with drawers? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Husky 46'' Workbench // Unboxing and Quick look | List of the Best Power Tools.

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Husky 46'' Workbench // Unboxing and Quick look
Husky 46'' Workbench // Unboxing and Quick look

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Today I do a quick unboxing and a quick review of a Husky tool box. It is a 46 inch 9 drawer workbench. We Purchased it from home depot for 300 dollars. This video is not sponsored. I purchased the item myself and doing an unboxing/quick review of it for you all.

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  1. I bought a husky 36in one and got home, immediately filled it up and said damn i need a bigger one. returning it this weekend and getting this one lol
    they are $400 now but they got the all black new model now

  2. I purchased one in Dec 2019 my top draw drags in the middle not happy with that but other wise I am very pleased with them.

    I had one of my wheels making noise but Husky jumped right on it and sent me a replacement. Kudos to them for that. So far so good.

    I put a floor mat that has carpet on top and rubber on bottom on my top really helped from damaging wood and helps you see little screws and bolts.

    The stickers where a nightmare to remove. I used a plastic putty knife and googone to remove took a couple of hours believe or not.

    I paid $298 and it was already assembled. . Very pleased overall

  3. Its not soft closing they call that grip latch i had two husky tool combos with the same mechanism i sold them both good boxes though,i now have a craftsman 75" no grip latch or soft closing but built pretty similar to a husky box.

  4. Jan 3ed I picked one up , it was the Upgrade the 9 inch deep drawers have 2 rails , it come pre assembled 345.00 I will never use the power strip . I was looking at the 46 X 18 $275.00 and the Yukon 46 X 18 $300.00 Im glad I got the Husky 24 inch 9 drawer Im running out of room in the new box . I have 3 rolling tool chest in my shop , but have to keep up on New tools every year Auto industry make changes and every job you need a new tool .

  5. I was going to buy the same box last week at my local HD but bought one badged "International" that was $50 more & is the same box except for a little fancier casters & nice Kawasaki lime green sort of color.

  6. I love this toolbox, I have the older version I bought last year. Didnt have the power bar or the self closing drawers but I use this thing everyday for work. And its great

  7. My parents are gonna get me one but im still watching reviews btw if your wondering why i need this at 9 im using it for LEGOS

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