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I did a chemical peel and micro needling for the first time!! Here are my results taking you through the 7 days of my peeling. Hope you enjoy!! xoxo







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  1. Esthetician should never let you go home with the peel still active – if it is a peel of any strength it should be neutralized in-office

  2. You saw the worst esthetician ever… she did two services together that shouldn't have been done and your face was red for wayyyyy too long… exercising after a chemical peel can also cause hyperpigmentation… and you shouldn't peel acne… just so bad

  3. More micro-needling??!! Who is the aesthetician? You shouldn't have to go for laser gurl! If she prepared your skin better and done the treatment gradually you wouldn't have damaged your skin and get a load of unnecessary treatments again. Damn, I wish people do their research before going for all this. Really. Answer me, if you have scars again which can be cured by micro-needling then why she didn't do just that on you from the beginning?! Maybe a few sittings of that! Girl, think about it, just think.

  4. Can someone explain to me how is it okay to microneedle your face, then apply a serious chemical into/onto it? That sounds vicious, ouch. Anyone??

  5. Is it even safe to apply a peel the same day as micro needling?? Wouldn’t the chemicals get too deep into your skin? The chemicals are supposed to just sit on top, no?

  6. Derma planing is so aggressive as there are fresh cells not ready to surface and personally I don't agree with it… I do think that 20% lactic acid and 10% salicylic acid would have been more beneficial prior to having micro-needling. Also I would like to know if this therapist used mesotherapy when opening up the micro channels to her skin. This is way too harsh for any skin!! I would love to know Taylor's result was as micro-needling takes at least 21 days to proliferate.. I'm horrified watching this. Taylor I wish you all the best with your skin care journey and would love to know how your skin is today? Sandy x

  7. What type of peel TCA? Youre skin is gorgeous anyway with a natural glow.

    I was considering microneedling as its more suitable as my skin is dry and sensitive and a peel wouldnt work for me.

  8. She should of noticed you were in pain. There is no need I microneedle deep at home & no pain. Also I just read of a lady who almost died became septic and everything from a peel after microneedling. I mean think about it making a bunch of holes that are so deep you are bleeding and than putting acid on top. Does it even sound right? No BTW I bet you were in terrible pain. Thats messed up.

  9. I have an appt with Angel on Monday for this same treatment. I’m a little nervous from the comments about doing both microneedle and peel? What did you think about it/how do you feel now?

  10. You are still gorgeous even with a few bits of scarring! …nothing compared to mine, but I completely understand the want to fix, especially with the available treatments out there😉

  11. Any proper skin care professional would say you have to have at least a 7 day gap between micro needling and a chemical peel, you should NEVER combine these treatments!

  12. Ever since i first saw the video in beauty insider about chemical peel i started watching a few videos trying chemical peel because it’s so satisfying.

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