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I Get Email #08 – Workshop Heating, Condensation, and Rust | Most-Buyed Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject I Get Email #08 – Workshop Heating, Condensation, and Rust? Are you looking to see how to keep tools from rusting in a shed? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

I Get Email #08 – Workshop Heating, Condensation, and Rust | Most-Buyed Power Tools.

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I Get Email #08 - Workshop Heating, Condensation, and Rust
I Get Email #08 – Workshop Heating, Condensation, and Rust

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Tools I use:
Miter saw:

Table saw:

circular saw (alternative tool):

Speed square:

Angle finder:

Digital angle finder:



Router bits:

Table saw (*upgraded version):

New table saw blade (recommended):

Circular saw (alternative to a table saw):


Drill and Impact:

Kreg Jig (pocket holes):

Counter sink bit:

Random orbital sander:

Tape measure (lefty/righty):

Tape measure (flat back):

T square (4′):

Bluetooth hearing protection:

Safety glasses (add-on):

Saw horses:

Hole saws:

Forstner bits:

Paste wax (for the drawer slides):


Miter track:



Bench dogs:

​Dust collection:

See more tools we use:

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Canon T6i:






I Quit My Job To Be A Woodworker:
Kids Activity Table:
Kids Activity Chair:
Drill Charging Station with Storage:
Clamp Rack with Safety:
Dust Collection:
Dovetail Frame:
Farm House Table:
Installing a shop air cleaner:
Build a bench from a bed frame:
Bench vise and dog holes:


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how to keep tools from rusting in a shed

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  1. Look up Paul sellers “rag in a can” video for easy application of 3-in-1 oil. Fantastic shop tip for quick and easy (and cheap) maintenance

  2. Basement shops present humidity issues all year round, particularly here in New England. In my shop I use a dehumidifier during the summer months, which seems to work fine unless the cooling coil of the unit ices up. When we get a nice dry cold front passing through I open all the windows and my shop door and let the dry air purge the dampness out. In the winter time the shop temperature drops to the mid to high 50s, which is too low for the dehumidifier to work without icing constantly. I keep most of my hand tools in tool boxes, which works fine. But also give planes and chisels, etc., a light rub with WD-40. I think WD-40 works as well as Boeshield and is certainly a lot cheaper. Recently got a new table saw and am using paste wax on the cast iron surfaces (give it a quick recoat every couple of weeks). We shall see how it goes through the winter.

  3. Hey guys~!  I'm looking to put mini-splits in my shop in GA where it's wicked hot & humid in the summer.  My shop is a 30'x40' pole barn (steel) with a concrete floor and a 14' open ceiling.  My HVAC guy gave me a quote on a pair of 18k BTU units, but I'm leaning toward a pair of 24k BTU minis.  Jay, I know from your previous video that you're in a 20'x20' with a single 18/19k unit and you're happy with it.  Shawn, could you share your shop size and number of mini-split sizes/ratings that you're using?  I don't recall seeing those details in a video.  Thanks much for everything you two do~!!

  4. I live the in Southern Texas that is ALWAYS humid. I clean and wax my cast iron tools every three months. I do not have any rust issues. Forgot, I have a garage shop that is not heated or cooled. I usually open the door and use fans when working. The only thing I worry about is a drop of sweat dropping onto the surface. I may try the polyurethane on my band saw to see how well that works. Wish I could add a mini-split, but we still keep a car in one bay of the garage.

  5. Our basement, where my shop currently resides, always has had moisture issues. It was so bad any MDF that wasn't touched in a couple of days would start growing stuff. No Bueno! Found a industrial dehumidifier on Craigslist and man what a difference. No more mildew and no more rusting tools.

  6. I’m in Memphis. I coat the top of my welding table with WD40 and wipe it down. It’s been rust free for 8 years. Great job guys.

  7. Thank you guys! Good info for my son who just moved to Florida. The poly may be a great idea. Living in Utah it's so dry we never have an issue. It can get cold but the humidity is just to low. Having said that I still try to maintain mine with paste wax etc.

  8. I don't have control over the temperature and humidity for my shop so I use Paul Sellers' rag and oil in a can trick and it works exceptionally good. Humidity in my shop swings from 40-90% humidity and 12-30*C

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