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I got a dremel | The Best Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject I got a dremel? Are you looking to see dremel screw driver? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

I got a dremel | The Best Power Tools.

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I got a dremel
I got a dremel

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HUGE thank you to Thomas and my friend for suprising me with this absolutely incredible screwdriver. I am so excited to start using both of them in my videos.

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Thank you very much

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  1. Before I retired as an engineer in 2010 I had an xcelite power screwdriver in my tool case which was most common among technicians. You can set the speed and torque and you can fold it into a pistol grip. Now I have an almost identical unit made by panasonic that uses lithium instead of nicad. I have seen a similar tool by Milwaukee tools somewhere as well. Of course none of the battery packs on the new drivers fit my old xcelite which is no longer made.

  2. This video feels like a woodworker saying he finally bought a hammer, or a programmer bought a computer…

  3. Wow! Awesome tools! Is it your birthday? Those are some seriously great gifts. Can't wait to see them in your future videos!

  4. I have this same Dremel and absolutely love it! Works great! A perfect use for Game Boy Modding!

  5. Hey bro I am the biggest PewDiePie fan and I heard that you have the 10 mill play button PLZ REPLY

  6. Careful with the wire brush, those wires can stab your thumb plenty nasty, and they come out real easy.

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