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IDEAL NATIONALS 19 | List of the Best Power Tools

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IDEAL NATIONALS 19 | World’s Best Electric-Making Tools List.

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I was invited to this year’s IDEAL National Championship for electricians in Orlando, Florida and was blown away at the level of pomp-and-circumstance surrounding this event. I’d heard about this event in the past but had never put much effort into finding out more about it. Here’s some of the footage for the event.

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I got to Orlando and checked into the Coronado Springs Resort where this year’s championship was held. First off, I’d never been to Disney so this was a pretty awesome trip in and of itself.

I got to go into the event before anyone else so I was able to see all the boards they were creating, and all of the different tools, materials, and setups that these electricians would be working with. It wasn’t even a thought in my mind that none of these sparks would be using their own tools. IDEAL had carts set up with tools, a clock, and bunch of materials for each event that was happening. So each electrician had to start fresh with tools they’re not used to, materials they may have never come across, and a cart that all of their stuff had to be on, rather than a tool belt or bag that they were used to. Cool twist I think.

The event played out over 3 days, with several rounds of pre-qualifiers, qualifiers, semi-finals, and finals – each with its own set of challenges that ultimately aided in whittling down more and more people with each event. All of the events were timed, and there were tons of volunteer judges there to go over each person’s craftsmanship, code-adherence, and overall quality…through a timed event.

It was fun as hell to watch all these apprentices, journeymen, and masters run around like a chicken with their heads cut off. A lot of them placed a little too much emphasis on the time than they should have, because time was only one part of the equation. Quality, safety, and doing things right/to code played a large part in who actually won – and the time was only a bonus if you finished early.

If you’re interested in watching the full event it airs this weekend on Decemeber 15th on ESPN2. Go out and support your local sparks by watching the event. For more info click here:

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  1. I wish to compete in this year international championship. I do I go about that? I'm from Nigeria.

  2. I like it. Def want to learn more about it and watch the competition. New infor9 2 me. Think it's good idea.

  3. Great videos! Question though. Our local state college has a 1,200 hour program to prepare for entry in the electrician field (in-state tuition is $3995 for the entire program- not one of the rip-off private schools). I do not have an apprentice card. What is your opinion as to the benefit of these programs re: looking for an apprentice position? I know other students who've attended the machining and auto tech programs at the college- mostly hands on environment.Thanks.

  4. Both series I saw where great, I may go next year to check it out.I'm retired now (32 yr small town electrical HVAC R) contractor and still love this shit!! and this Chanel. Keep it rocking Dustin.

  5. One of the things I seen right off the bat was where the guy was trying to cut the conduit with the Hack saw and the little trick of putting it between your legs and using your legs like a bench to secure the conduit so you can cut it like drop-down cut it and you're done Looks like he was struggling pretty much

  6. Dustin great channel!!! Its great to always others perspective on this trade. I had an Instructor once and he always said ask 100 electricians how to wire something and get 100 different answers!! Great video my friend!! CM

  7. Is it normal to be in a way hazed? Because to day was my first day and they instructed me to dump some trash at the back of the house and I dumped it into a preexisting pile. Then when I was cooling up romex one of the journeymen came up and asked if I was the one who dumped trash which I said yes. Then he screamed at me and made me pickup every bit of trash surrounding the house and was busting my balls the entire time. Is that normal?

  8. When and where are they gonna hold the Ideal electrical competitions for 2020? Would really like to attend.

  9. Boss Justin when you are going to make one I'm in Georgia making video on Electrician you are my insperation

  10. While it is nice, it is a shame if they have to flash money in order to make it cool. I have been in the trade 40 years ( mostly marine electrical, but a little commercial). And I have always thought of our trade as cool. Modern life would grind to a halt in many ways if there was no one to wire our devices and buildings, maintain them, and troubleshoot them when they break down.
    Not to mention the satisfaction of seeing this thing that you have spent so much time and effort to build and wire come to life when the juice is applied. That has never gotten old to me. It is a shame if the newer generation cannot find the wonder and satisfaction of it………

  11. I been following that competition from 3 years now. Looking those guys doing switches and receptacles or bending wire sometimes looks like amateurs.
    I will suggest to make the competition more attractive,they have to give them a blueprint and control panel so they can wire it. That's the difference of a master and a real master. Some people have good skills ,some have good knowledge.

  12. Hey man can you talk about asbestos in the trades? Is there any asbestos in new construction and what can be in service.

  13. You might want to check out a YouTube channel called " Mikes Tool Shed" , he was a competitor at this years Ideal Championships.

  14. I will lobe to try the competition it will be an excellent place to lorn and know people

  15. Great video Dustin! I’m retired now but enjoy watching you and will definitely watch the ESPN Show. Once an electrician, always an electrician!

  16. That's pretty cool, I didn't know this was a thing. Something to aspire to if my IBEW apprenticeship works out; I really hope it does. Funny enough I'm applying to 606 😂.

  17. I have only bent 90s and offsets in pipe, and I am about to take my Jman test. I just ever had to, not my fault . lol

  18. Didn’t know you were down in “my backyard” at Disney, lol. Was a great time & it always amazes me of the fun craziness👍🏻
    Also meet a lot of great ppl, & if able to make it out….highly recommend to go & check it out, or even compete 😄
    First year there, thought “time” was more important, until, found out like you…..it’s more of a “bonus”.

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