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Installing Basketweave Subway Tiles! | Top best products

Are you searching for the subject Installing Basketweave Subway Tiles!? Are you looking to see basket weave floor tile patterns? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Installing Basketweave Subway Tiles! | Top best products for household.

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Installing Basketweave Subway Tiles!
Installing Basketweave Subway Tiles!

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Bathroom Remodel Part 9: Today, we started installing the subway tiles in our new shower. We had installed subways tiles in the traditional brick pattern above our tub downstairs, but we wanted to try a basketweave subway tile pattern this time. It turned out awesome!

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  1. sweet tip on the tape and hot glue. Now i dont have to drill a ledger behind the stove for the backsplash. BOOM!

  2. I thought you have to leave a gap between the tiles so as the wall moves (studs expand and contract with seasons) there is space between the tiles so they can pivot and shift to adjust. The grout cracks, but the tiles don't pop off. Do the new mortars make that not necessary any more?

  3. From what I've learned on TV, supposed to go side to side with the mortar. Up and down can cause them to slide downwards. Hope they stay up! Great videos!

  4. Like the vids but your sound needs lots of improvement. Really need to equalize the volume

  5. Won't water in angles where horizontal & vertical tiles take longer to dry, improving mold growth chances? Re: the pattern. Does anyone in house have migraines? I do & that pattern, eventhough all same color, tends to make tiles appear to move. I suppose one could keep eyes closed while showering.

  6. I'm closing on my first house at the end of the month and you have helped me so much already! my house is a fixer- upper for sure and you have given me so many ideas and they are budget friendly. thanks for posting so much and keep up the great work!

  7. Great progress! Shout out to your other half for all her work and assistance behind the scenes (and behind the camera). You do a great job of sharing a lot of the nuanced details which existing and potential DIYers appreciate. You're fortunate to have the internet as a valuable resource (didn't exist when we were tackling similar projects in the 80s.)

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