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Installing VERTICAL Subway Tile // How-To | top best products brands

Are you searching for the subject Installing VERTICAL Subway Tile // How-To? Are you looking to see bathroom tiles vertical or horizontal? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Installing VERTICAL Subway Tile // How-To | top best products brands for household.

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Installing VERTICAL Subway Tile // How-To
Installing VERTICAL Subway Tile // How-To

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Today on Modern Builds, Mike Montgomery is partnering with Rachel Andersen (@randersen) to create a DIY Vertical Subway Tile Backsplash in a small Half Bath. We chose not to use spacers for a really low profile look, but I’ll link some below if you’re interested. This was my first time installing backsplash and I hope sharing my experience can lower the stress level of anyone else who’s interested in trying the same.

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Stuff We Used:
3″x9″ Subway Tile:
Tile Adhesive: (Amazon)
Spacers: (Amazon)
Grout: (Amazon)
Trowel: (Amazon)
Grout Float: (Amazon)
Sponges: (Amazon)
5 Gal Buckets: (Amazon)
Tile Saw:
Diamond Blade: (Amazon)
Ceramic Hole Saw: (Amazon)

More Info and Written Article:

Instagram: | @modernbuilds
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  1. i dont get where is the face mask and googles dude. I saw a man with a long piece of wood in his eye walk in emergency.

  2. Life changes everyone. No exception! Keep up the good work in those DIY projects that everyone can get ideas from. You have been my go to in researching home projects that make my house look clean and presentable. I think other people on this are in NEED a girlfriend… #getyourownwoman

  3. My installer ruin the last tile (6ocm) that way because he thaugth that it will be covered (nope) and now it's from a different tone… how i hate him!!!!

  4. i'm no pro or anything but shouldn't you use spacers?

    also… those things look terrible verticle haha, especially cause you didn't offset. they are supposed to be offset by half

  5. Should have measured and centered the tile so that the end of each row was not left with a small piece.

  6. It was so painful seeing them back butter this whole wall… would have been so much easier and quicker if they just applied the adhesive to the wall and placed the tile into it.

  7. Great video Mike! Did you try drilling a hole in a piece of wood with another same sized drill bit and then using that as a guide for the diamond hole saw? I've found it can be a really good solution to wobbly drill bits :)

  8. I think those tiles around the fixtures are likely to crack as you essentially made them very thin with a void behind by using that grinder. Also to cut all of the thin pieces together only works if your walls are perfectly plum. Often they are all slightly different due to misaligned walls.
    Finally you fancy her so bad 😂

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