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Insulated Mug Battle: $20 Yeti vs. $30 Hydro Flask | List of best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Insulated Mug Battle: $20 Yeti vs. $30 Hydro Flask? Are you looking to see hydro flask vs yeti? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Insulated Mug Battle: $20 Yeti vs. $30 Hydro Flask | Newly updated garden tools for you.

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Insulated Mug Battle: $20 Yeti vs. $30 Hydro Flask
Insulated Mug Battle: $20 Yeti vs. $30 Hydro Flask

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Does price matter? These two tumblers are going head to head and battling it out.

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Manix2 Lightweight

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Fallkniven A1

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hydro flask vs yeti

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  1. Ahhh I love this product so much!!!!>>> I recently bought a double wall glass tumbler and I use that to drink my tea every morning… after my one hour commute to work, the tea is not as hot anymore. Now with this ember tumbler, my tea stay at a precise temperature and that is so cool that I can set that with just a turn of the dial or through my phone! The temperature and battery are displayed on the tumbler wall… I freaked out about how cool that was. Although pricy, I think this tumbler is well worth the money. And this is also an excellent gift to get for friends and family as well! Christmas is coming up… I can knock so many people off my list with this item. They also have mugs which I will soon be getting!

  2. Impressed the hydropast was the heat superior, but the fit is the reason I love the yeti, fits my car

  3. Not that it should be the primary consideration, but surely the aesthetics are worth something. The Yeti has a strong, austere look. The Hydroflask looks more refined and thought-out. So both of those probably appeal to different tastes, however I think the Ozark looks objectively ugly.

  4. For about 5 dollars more than that Hydro Flask I went with the Yeti 18oz rambler as an everyday bottle.

  5. Hey man can we see a review of the TOPS Hammerhawk? After an entire year of waiting, it’s finally available! Love your content, keep up the good work brother👍

  6. I take the Ozark one any day but dont want any of them really. I’ve been given them in the past and rarely use them. Like you said, Coffee is downed before it gets cold and cold items usually are gone pretty quick too.

  7. I'm honestly surprised at how much of a big deal this is to a lot of people. Do most of you leave coffee sitting for an hour? Or a cold drink for that matter? Then again I drink a lot and by a lot if I'm just walking for an hour on even terrain I go through three liters of water easy. I know that doesn't sound normal but when people around me see how much I drink they prefer it to be from something large and reusable so I don't pile up a large amount of waste while I'm working on things.

  8. I love my RTIC brand tumblers! In my opinion just as good as Yeti brand but way less expensive!

  9. Anyone interested, check out my new survival/bushcraft channel, thanks, cheers all.

  10. is that some kind of KUHL jacket you're wearing? It's definitely not Kuhl Kollusion, but somehow reminds me of it…

  11. I love yeti and I know it can keep your coffee hot for a long time, but how long does it take to drink a cup of coffee.

  12. Aaron I've been using the Ozark Trail 20 oz tumbler for a couple of years. I'm simply amazed at how long they will keep ice. My wife left hers in my car one morning with over 100 degrees outside temp and probably 130 in the direct sun inside the vehicle.. It sat all day and the next day it still had ice in it. I was totally blown away. Unbelievable that something went over and above what it claimed. Nothing but Ozark Trail for me. God Bless.

  13. i got Ozark, hydroflask, and camelbak insulated mugs. All works the same and all made in China. Wouldn't doubt they are made from the same factory with a different label. I have had great customer service with hydroflask though. They gave me two replacement flip caps and a gasket no charge, no questions asked. In this comparison, I would get the Ozark no doubt.

  14. You know, I own a lot of Ozark Trail products (available at sporting goods stores and even Walmart) and are always lower priced, but well made. I have a few of their flashlights and they provide good operating or run times for the lumens they provide. Matter of fact my older brother and myself picked up an Ozark mug on sale (Christmas) and while the store seems to be having trouble selling the Yeti products even being marked down months ago, the Ozark mugs sold out quickly. We managed to buy the last one.
    We like soda and cold drinks, so we use plastic (Alladin usually) mugs, but have begun to upgrade in that area as well as knives and flashlights, etc. Another great review with consideration for price, performance and various nuances!

  15. You can't beat ozark cups. I own both yeti and ozark and use whatever is clean. They work the same and I use the crap out of them landscaping in the summer.

  16. Good Video… I agree … save the money & buy the Ozark… my problem is I don’t follow my own advice… I have the Yeti & Ozark…. SMH

  17. Don't know about you and anyone else but I love my 20 oz of java first thing in the morning.  Anything less, then its time for some great espresso to say good morning world!!! Happy Hump Day and another great video!!!

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