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Introducing the Jacobsen HR700 wide-area rotary mower | List of best hand tools for you

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Introducing the Jacobsen HR700 wide-area rotary mower | Best hand tools.

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Introducing the Jacobsen HR700 wide-area rotary mower
Introducing the Jacobsen HR700 wide-area rotary mower

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The all-new Jacobsen HR700 is the world’s first 14-foot wide rotary mower. The HR700 is 25% more productive than traditional 11-foot mowers. This video illustrates how it’s exclusive wingspan, narrow platform and superior ergonomics put the HR700 in a class all its own. ..

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  1. I'd love to get my hands on one of those for a day or two just to see how much more time I could save mowing my larger properties (7-13 acres) with this

  2. Jacobsen's customer service SUCKS. We have a 5111 that leaks from the peddle input for forward and reverse. Sent it to Jacobsen in Novi three winters in a row to repair the leak and every time we get it back it leaks from the same place. We can't use the machine, our campus is on a river and we care about what goes in it. Jacobsen does not care. Wayne, the tech Rocks. Jacobsen SUCKS. We will no longer buy unsupported junk from Textron. Hello Toro. Do yourself a favor, Buy a Toro.

  3. Not sure of the price but a comparable model like the Jacobsen HR600 goes for $80k brand new. If you Google it there's an 2018 HR600 with 300 hours selling for $45,750.

  4. I've watched a few of these big lawn mower videos and everyone of them only show cutting grass no taller than a few inces. Are these mowers only for a finish cut or are they capable of cutting 6" plus tall grass?

  5. How Jacobsen is still in business I'll never know…they are the most hated next to Hustler at my work. the mechanics constantly curse jacobsens…they really are inferior machines.

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