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Is a Battery Operated Snowblower Up to Real World Use? | List of best hand tools for you

Are you searching for the subject Is a Battery Operated Snowblower Up to Real World Use?? Are you looking to see best winter battery? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Is a Battery Operated Snowblower Up to Real World Use? | Newly updated handsets.

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Is a Battery Operated Snowblower Up to Real World Use?

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Battery operated tools have taken over a market that was filled with corded only options. We now have commercial power battery operated string trimmers and lawn mowers and this year seems to be a push for many to break into the snow thrower or snow blower market. This market is dominated by gas options that provide the torque and RPMs to deal with the unpredictable snow falls that many of us get. Early in the year, our wet snow can be a disaster to deal with and stress even large tractor powered snow blowers. Mid-Winter, the light powder creates a mess as it blows around and drifts. Late year we deal with more ice and piled up snow as we have cleaned the driveway all year long. These challenges are a lot for a small gas powered snow blower to deal with, let alone a battery operated unit.

In August, yes the hottest month of the year, we set out to give you all the information needed to decide if these new battery operated snow blowers were right for you. Because of the season, it was a difficult task, but trust us, we nailed it. ..

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  1. Forward speed is painfully slow for all the units. A turtle will pass you by.. Throwing distance is only good as long as it doesn't clog or stop.

  2. I live in the Boston area. We just got 13 inches of wet heavy snow. I also own a 12 year old Ariens two stage snowblower so I can give a review of them both side by side.

    Most important part of this Ego blower is the reliability of its starting and working when you need it. My gas snow blowers have always been very unreliable since you make them sit for almost a year in between usages. This unit is not perfect but it fits my need perfectly well. I bought this unit as a backup for my gas snowblower because I have a large driveway that fits about 24 cars.

    Last winter I had a mouse make a nest inside my gas blower and chew up all the internal wires and hoses in my Ariens. I bought this electric unit because the repair shop was going to take a couple months to get my unit back to me. This past huge storm, I made two passes with my Ariens gas two stage blower and the belts smoked out on me so I had to use the Ego again.

    At $600 with both batteries included, that comes out to about $160 for the snowblower since the batteries are $240 each if sold separately. The unit is very light at 50 pounds and I carry it into my basement for storage and it collapses down to make it compact.

    as far as clearing snow I had to use it for the entire season last year but we didn't get any major snowfall events. For that usage it works great and it doesn't go through the real wet snow as well as my two-stage unit but it goes through the wet snow better than my shovel. This last storm dumped 13 in of snow on us and it took me 4 hours to clear my driveway. It would normally take me about 2 hours with my two-stage gas snowblower. When I came upon the end of the driveway where the plows push over the heavy compact and wet snow is where this unit will have some trouble. you have to take a shovel and break down the snow and basically act like a manual two-stage snowblower yourself and then the unit can clear off the heavy stuff at the end of the driveway.

    This Ego throws the snow a respectable distance but not quite as far as my more expensive $1,200 Ariens two stage snowblower. It is also a lot more work as you have to manually push the unit instead of the tires spinning themselves. I was able to take apart my two stage blower and repair it the next day and cleared away the sidewalk area and my neighbors driveway for him since his blower broke down as well. The electric unit would never have made it through the harder, more compact snow the plows threw up on the sidewalks where the two stage shines.

    It is very common when the snow gets deeper or heavier to have to manually pull the unit back and then push it forward and you probably only go about one foot each time that you push the unit forward so there is a rocking motion required for the real tough snow. I really beat up this machine during the last snowstorm and it performed very well I'll be it very slow going.

    The benefit of this machine versus my gas powered snowblower came about when my parents snowblower broke on them and I had to take the Ego unit in the back of my SUV and drive over their house to use it for another 3 hours to clear the driveway there. A gas blower is too heavy to pick up and is way to big to fit in my vehicle to help others in need or if you have multiple properties.

    If you have a large driveway I recommend that you have 4 batteries and 2 chargers since you get about an hour of run time per two batteries. The unit comes with two batteries and one charger and it takes an hour to charge each battery. If you run out of batteries you will have two hours before you can keep clearing snow again. With four batteries and two chargers you have two constantly charging as you clear. I had the two extra batteries and charger already because I own the electric mower and the leaf blower from Ego. If you have a small six car driveway or less you would not need the extra purchase of batteries.

  3. I’ll stick with my 20 year old 2 stroke for now. Love the performance of the battery stuff from ego but I can’t justify the cost especially with the light winters we’ve been having here in Philadelphia

  4. I'm in St. Johns newfoundland. Used my Ego to clear our 2 car drive way and some others around. The snow was 2 ft to 5 ft with drifts. Handled it all fine.

  5. Thanks for the review. We just received 20cm of snow last night, and my very nice neighbour lend me his EGO. I’m now convinced…i’m buying one. The batteries will easily last long enough for his and our driveways, (3 mid size cars long)and it takes 20 to 30 minutes to recharge each batteries.

  6. what in the world is wrong with you don't you realize we have eyes Ray Charles can see that the gas one is doing way better on all the materials you tried

  7. Any idea what cells were in the batteries ?
    Can help but to think of a milwaukee with two 12.0 batteries or the new mx system.

  8. Ariens actually once tried to make an electric two stage model for heavier removal like the gas models but it suffered from charging, longevity, and battery life issues so it was discontinued. It also didn't have a removable battery. We still have yet to see an electric snow thrower that can compete with gas

  9. the Kobalt max 80 volt snow blower is much better. 6 amp hour battery comes with it and it will do a 2 car drive and sidewalks in a rural area no problem. I do my 2 car drive and sidewalks after a 6 inch snowfall and don't even use half of battery power and I am running the snow blower at full power and it can be used in a couple dozen other tools as well.

  10. I've got two Greenworks 40V snow throwers and they work well. I've been highly recommending them as great smaller blowers that can handle most snowfalls, they're very quiet, and easy to handle by my wife and 13 year old boy. In this review in 2016 (three years ago as of Nov 2019), you said you had a 2Ah battery, 80V (160Wh). I have multiple 5A @ 40V (200Wh) batteries to keep full charged with a very long 400' wide sidewalk and large driveway and patio. They work well, seem to last 45 minutes, and can fast charge enough that after one is drained, pop it in to charge and ~45 minutes later can come back to that one (not fully charged but good enough).

  11. Super cool video. Even if I didn’t want a snowblower it would’ve been interesting. Bravo 👏

  12. Do you think the ego could handle a foot of snow? I’m also considering the new toro electric but living in Montana I have my concerns about the cold effecting battery life and some deeper snows. I really love the idea of electric but being old school, I have some reservations…

  13. Wow! Thank you for your heroic efforts to test these units. You’ve been very helpful in my quest to find something more powerful than a shovel to augment my tracked Honda HS1132. The Ego looks promising.

  14. lol

    an electric snow blower will never be able to do even a portion of what a gaz snow blower does. Even at the same price. I have a 20'' electric snow blower and a gaz snow blower. The electric one is only for the deck and you need to have fresly fallen show and go slowly or the thing will stop. They are good if you live where there is barely snow. This video dosnt show real world use.

  15. i own 2 honda hs520 they are real machines,your playing with shit there ,battery,troy built all junk ,the honda start every time

  16. but after 40 mins< I can refuel the troybilt and keep on blowing for the normal 1hr 1/2…….what is the replacement cost of battery $120ea?

  17. I've got the Greenworks 40v snow thrower. It had no problem clearing out driveway, sidewalks, and walkways for me. We recently had 9 inches of snow and it powered through it easily. I used two of the 4 AH batteries. I highly recommend the Greenworks lawn tools. I have most of them. Lawnmower, trimmer, leaf blower, snow thrower and chainsaw. Don't have to worry about gas, spark plugs or oil with any of these. I've had the set for a couple of years now. They all perform very well.

  18. I had that exact same Troy-Bilt snowblower lasted about two maybe three years and I just gave it away what a piece of garbage. I will never buy another Troy-Bilt product again I bought the ego 56 volt unit and I'm waiting to try it out. Thanks for your review

  19. big cons for most electric snowblower.
    the blade are made of plastic, and if there is a part that tend to break is that impaller.
    there a some out there that are made of metal, but most are made i a way that you can't fix em if they break, consider this when buying.

  20. OH come on guys you know that when its cold it will break… I was just testing a tool here in Minnesota and it was about -15 degrees out and it cracked instantly what a joke they just don't make stuff well enough regardless. But very creative video I like it.

  21. Very nice analysis and video also well done. Now you are unfair to the gas snow blower in the sense that you chose a single stage. A 24" Troy-Bilt 2 stage gas snow blower with electric start and self propelled costs the same as the Ego at $599 and will blow rings around it partly due to the 2 stage process. So same price and electric for now loses badly. Also another angle you maybe should have considered is that for a lot less at about $450, you can get a gas electric start 22" 2 stage blower. Finally when those 5ah batteries die, they cost $220 each – you have a dead machine unless you go fork over the money. I agree the maintenance of a battery-driven unit is much nicer. You made a good comparison on power but you might lead some people to run out and get one of these for the convenience and realize they could have had a better situation financially and performance wise if they went for gas-powered at this time.

  22. none of these are any good try being 6'2" and constantly having to bend over because the damn handle doesnt extend further for taller people, its like they only built these damn things for people 5'9" and under.

  23. I just checked this model out in the store. It looks very cheaply made with mostly plastic construction not exactly the best material to be using in freezing temps. The biggest issue is you have to keep the batteries indoors and they have to be charged on a special charger. That isn't my idea of convienent now instead of filling up gas you just have another chore of dedicating some counter space and carrying the batteries out and back indoors after. They should integrate the charger on the machine so it can stay plugged in the garage permanently between uses.

  24. It should compare to the gas model like the Honda or Murray or Briggs and Stratton Brute with the 160-163 cc single stage class. Why? Because of the price range.

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