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Is The Milwaukee Tool 40" 2-Drawer Steel Work Cart Worth $488 Dollars? Model 48-22-8590 | List of the Best Power Tools

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Is The Milwaukee Tool 40" 2-Drawer Steel Work Cart Worth $488 Dollars? Model 48-22-8590 | Most-Buyed Power Tools.

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Is The Milwaukee Tool 40" 2-Drawer Steel Work Cart Worth $488 Dollars? Model 48-22-8590
Is The Milwaukee Tool 40" 2-Drawer Steel Work Cart Worth $488 Dollars? Model 48-22-8590

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Milwaukee Tool has a new 40″ Steel Work Cart that is fairly high price for a work cart. They also claim it is a 2-drawer and it is really a single drawer work cart. Is it worth the close to $500 price tag?

Some of the Steel Work Cart is laid out very nice. The large top tray can support up to 300 lbs. and includes a 3-section parts tray and 2 removable storage cups. The cups can flip upside down for a flush surface or be completely removed for vertical pipe storage. A convenient fold-out work tray can hold your laptop or extra tools and fasteners. A power strip allows you to charge your tools and battery packs. The sliding bottom tray, or drawer as it is counted, is equipped with heavy-duty 200 lbs. soft close drawer slides. The bottom tray can be safely secured into place with its own barrel keyed lock to prevent from accidental opening when moving the mechanic’s cart on uneven surfaces.

– Dimensions-top tray: 37 in. W x 21 in. D x 3.9 in. H, upper drawer: 35.1 in. W x 16.4 in. D x 3.9 in. H, bottom pull-out tray: 34.6 in. W x 19.4 in. D x 2.8 in. H, storage area between bottom tray and upper drawer: 40 in. W x 22.1 in. D x 24 in. H

– 100 lbs. rated, soft close, ball bearing drawer slides on upper drawer

– 200 lbs. rated, soft close, ball bearing drawer slides on bottom tray

– 2 moveable storage bins can be mounted on the outside, inside, or top tray of the cart and are the perfect size for aerosol cans

– Adjustable-height storage bar for shop towels or wire spools

– Knurled push-bar side handle can be positioned to 2 heights to fit your needs

– 5 in. x 2 in. industrial grade casters with softer polyurethane wheels (2 swivel with dual pedal top brake and 2 rigid casters) support up to 700 lbs.

– Barrel key locks can independently secure the top drawer and bottom tray from accidental opening

– 4-outlet power bar with two 2.1 Amp USB charging ports provides power for your tools and electronics

– Fold out rear shelf is rated to 50 lbs. and is perfect for laptops

– Pre-cut, premium solid drawer liners help keep your tools in place

– Milwaukee M18 and M12 chargers can be mounted on either side of the storage cart with the included fasteners

– Rubber corner bumpers help protect the cart and equipment around the cart

– Reinforced V-notches in the top tray help hold pipe or lumber when cutting

– Cup storage holders can be removed to accommodate longer pieces of pipe

– Assembled dimensions (including side handle) and casters installed is approximately 45 in. W x 22.1 in. D x 39 in. H and weighs 141.7 lbs.

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  1. I just got one of these, the reason why I justified the price vs a Harbor Freight is the fact that there is a lot more room on this cart than a Harbor Freight. It doesnt look like it, but the real estate on it is quite a bit more, plus the spots for the chargers on the side, towel holder, the extra tray, etc, help it fit a specific need I had at my shop that it worked great for.

  2. For all the people that keep saying it's overpriced yeah sure it maybe high but that harbor freight junk is cheap crap and you end up having to rebuy when they crap out. This isn't for everyone but I do commercial refrigeration and this is by far the best cart I've ever found or used for that. Also I could see it being a huge plus for an electrician. You gotta spend money to make money and if I'm gonna spend it I'm not buying some cheap ass harbor freight cart that falls apart.

  3. Why don't instead of taking off the pencil/screw trays to have a flat surface, just put them back upside down? I'm sure that'll take care of your problem.

  4. It's priced for Milwaukee junkies. Bells and whistles nice, but doesn't look like it's the best mobile work surface. And WHY does it have a PACKOUT prefix in part number, implying it's part of the system, yet no place to snap one on?

  5. Dude, those cups are meant to be put in upside down to cover that hole. And if you really need to use the cup outside of the hole just make a cover with plywood. And if you really want a shelf on top of that drawer, again, just make one out of plywood. It makes sense to leave it open for packouts. Anyway that’s what I would do if I had the money to buy one of these.

  6. Save the money to buy a lot of tools to fix your car unless tool cart can fix the car then buy it.

  7. It’s built for electricians. It will be on the move all the time on a job site. It will never sit against a wall. The top drawer is shallow so you can remove the cups and put pipe benders through the holes. It’s definitely not for mechanics but perfect for electricians on a job site. Electricians use a ton of pack out products for the bottom shelf and pulling them out for easier access. Totally worth the money (if you’re an electrician but not if you’re a mechanic, you should use different options).

  8. On sale at Farm and Fleet for $289.00, regularly $399.00. Still too much for a cart. 9/5/2020
    They make the top so deep you can't use a toolbox in it without raising it up.

    The must be having trouble moving them.

  9. I am a HVAC project manager, I look forward to using it on the job. I like it 100% it will last the 9 months on the job unlike a lot of the others kinds you can get, I paid $349. That works out to be 38.77 a month over the next 9 months . Will it last longer, I feel it will.

  10. I'd pay a 100 bucks for it!! Not $488!! I do like the electric ports. That's the only plus with that cart. I think the US General HF 5 drawer cart is a better buy!! For the price point of this Milwaukee you can buy a used Tool truck brand cart.

  11. I made a cart with four casters and a lateral 2 drawer file cabinet….basically the same size, fully lockable with a key and cost me $50 all in. File cabinet was used and casters on sale. Customizable for whatever you want and no worries of it tipping with a safty measure only allowing one drawer out at a time. Drawers are ment to be packed end to end with paper and have handled the weight of my tools and hardware just fine.

  12. The price is crazy, you can get a similar off brand cart like this for around $100. And as people have said at harbor freight for 150 to 200 you can get a significantly better cart.

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