Is this the ULTIMATE BRICKLAYING Trowel? | List of best cleaning accessories

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Is this the ULTIMATE BRICKLAYING Trowel? | Top-bought cleaning accessories.

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Marshalltown have been making high quality bricklaying tools since the 1880’s and this brick trowel is no exception. I unbox and talk about the Marshalltown 11 inch, London pattern ceremonial trowel. It is chrome plated and laser etched with the Marshalltown logo, surrounded with decorative embellishment. This bricklayers trowel would be a perfect gift for a recently retired bricklayer, used in a topping out ceremony or as a competition prize for 1st place. If you are interested in purchasing one please see the link below.

Ceremonial trowel (UK) –
Ceremonial trowel (USA) –

Marshalltown (UK) –
(USA) –

Rollins Group –

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The hand tools I use:
Trowel –
Imex Brick Line –
Ox boat level –
Ox 8mm tuck pointer –
600mm Stabila Level box –
600mm Stabila Level std –
1200mm Stabila level –
1800mm Stabila level –
1800mm Silverline level –
Neodynium Magnet –
Trammel –
Framing Square –
Level –
Tape Measure –
Stanley 5m Tapemeasure –
Fisco Brick Tape –
Marshalltown 19-11 Trowel-
Chalk line –
Brick Brush –
Gauging trowel –
Bucket Trowel –
Club Hammer 2.5 Lb –
Club Hammer 5.5 Lb –
Gloves –
Dust mask –
Safety Goggles –
Ear Defenders –
Small builders square –
Roofing Square –
Framing Square –
Wire Brush –
Claw Hammer –
Small Pry Bar –
Jointing Iron –
Scutch Hammer –
Comb Chisel bits –
Pointing trowel –
Large Cold Chisel –
Bolsters 2″ –
3″ –
4″ –
Cold Chisel –
Footprint Line Pins –
Sliding Bevel –
Pliers –
Adjustable Spanner –
Electrical snips –
Bosch Laser Measure –
Stanley Fat Max Bag –

Everything else:
Builders Bucket –
Big Betty Bosch –
Impact Driver –
Combi Drill –
Hammer Drill –
Belt Sander –
Orbital Sander –
Hammer –
Masonry Blade –
Reciprocating Saw –
Tape Measure –
Pencil –
Screw Bits –
Masonry Drill Bits –
Rawl Plugs –
Saw –
Belle Minimix 150 Electric –
Stand ———————————
Belle Minimix 150 Petrol –

Filming equipment:
The camera I use –
My main vlogging lens –
B-roll lens –
Tripod –
Mic –
ND Filter –
Action cam –

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  1. Awesome, this will definably be my next trowel, Im buying it as soon as theres no more lockdowns politics and everything is back to normal.

  2. Hay Marshalltown you should have given him the trowel to keep, he's endorsing your products ya greedy bastards !

  3. I looked at the list of tools you have. Don't you have an electronic level or a dumpy level, laser level, rotary laser level?
    As yet I don't have a rotary laser level. I have the Bosch 1200 electronic level and the Bosch 600mm electronic level. I also have a small magnetic Moore and Wright electronic laser level and a laser level for indoors. Hope to get either a dumpy level as they are cheaper although need two people. The rotary will be good to obtain. I have used water to find levels that works okay. Wish I could find my fathers Cowley level. That works ( in case anyone doesn't know ) you have two half moon circles and when both sides of the moon are level it's levels.
    We used that in the early days setting up form work and levels for concreting.

  4. I would like to see stainless steel trowels. I got a trowel either I bought in the 1970s or it was my fathers trowel back from the 1950s 1960s . My father and I built a few houses as my father was a builder and we bricked houses to continue building the rest. I think you could use a stainless steel trowel just don't break bricks with it. Use a bolster or a brick machine wet machine.
    Anyway I dug the trowel up and took all the cement off it and started polishing it. The steel was very nice and no way made like this today. Once I cleaned the cement off and started polishing I saw engraved
    Labels on either side. I will upload a video and post so people can see. I also want to polish it more to remove more rust. The trowel is a WHS cannot read second line looks like UNT & S other letters hard to see.
    On the third line near the handle says BRADE.
    On the left says an engraved square. Inside the square reads Patern 2031 second line size 12 inch. On the opposite side another square reads made in second line England.
    Very nice done a lot of work.
    I also bought a marshalltown trowel much later.
    The wooden handle is split a little I also sanded a little. The steel is still exceptionally straight. The curve is on the right so I believe a right handed trowel although I'm left handed so I used to strike bricks on the straight end opposed to the curve. I believe you need to break bricks on the curve and pick up mortar on the flat. I always did it opposite as I'm left handed and although you can get left handed trowels they are often hard to find. Of course you can buy from marshalltown. I have bought a number of items from marshalltown and have been very pleased with their service.
    I'm just sitting here in the kitchen holding the trowel and very pleased. I can see my face against the steel from the light.

  5. that is seriously cool but your title is click bait because my marshal town 1912 is the ultimate trowel ! its totally unique. got it 10 years back and its getting shorter but dread replacing it. i don't like the plastic handle so always search for the wooden handle ones. I don't know why but the blade feels thinner and lighter than any other 1912 iv picked up.

  6. £177 in uk on amazon brutal id have to finish my appreniship before i could afford one of them 🤣🤣

  7. some advice needed please, first of all, love the channel, your skills, and your work ethic. Binged watched everything in the last month.
    I'm looking to build a kitchen (I have the shell already). I would love to do brick walls for the Ikea cabinets to sit in. Love the rustic look. I'd be also looking at doing concrete countertops (cast in place method). I've watched your videos and think I know the ways to do it, just wondering if you have ever done anything similar or have any suggestions, this is only for the base cabinets nothing for the walls, etc. Thanks in advance and keep it up. I am living in Thailand now so materials (bricks) are not easy to come by, not normal ones anyway.

  8. Hey could you do a video on how to lay bricks with wet sand and how to get a good mix as I am trying to teach my younger brother and I am struggling to get the proper materials for lime mix . Great vid and thanks.

  9. A retirement trowel should be the trowel that you've used for many many years. Ask most brickies who have retired they'll have their basic tools well worn in under their stairs and they won't part with them just in case they need them. An old brickie will always show you a trick or two that will make your day easier 👌👍🏻

  10. Best days work I did with my trowel was throw it away when I retired after having one in my hand for 40 years 👍👍

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