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Is Your Baby Lactose Intolerant? Breast Milk and Formula Milk ❤️ | Newly updated garden tools

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Is Your Baby Lactose Intolerant? Breast Milk and Formula Milk ❤️ | List of best garden tools for you.

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Is Your Baby Lactose Intolerant? Breast Milk and Formula Milk ❤️
Is Your Baby Lactose Intolerant? Breast Milk and Formula Milk ❤️

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Is Your Baby Lactose Intolerant? Breast Milk and Formula Milk
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Breast Milk – Lactose and Lactase

Hi, Christian Bates here from The Perrymount Clinic, and today I want to speak to you about lactose and lactase, and breast milk and formula milk, and the differences in between.

So, lactose is the milk sugar in milk, and…. a lot of times people wonder if their baby is lactose intolerant.

Basically, milk has lactose in it.

It’s the sugar.

Breast milk has it and formula milk has it…. however, this is the where the interesting bit comes in.

It’s whether the milk has lactase in it, which is the enzyme that breaks down lactose.

And babies digestive systems can be quite immature and weak, so they might struggle to break down the lactose in milk.

Breast milk has got lactose in it, but breast milk has lactase in it, too – the enzyme to break down the lactose, because breast milk is live… it’s a live milk produced by you, and you’re feeding the lactose and the lactase to the baby.

Formula milk obviously has the milk sugar lactose in it, as well.

The formula milk doesn’t have the enzymes in it because… its heat-treated.

Enzymes get destroyed by heat, so in the process of making a formula and making sure that it’s very safe and clean, its heat-treated so there’s no enzymes really in the formula, so the lactose in formula doesn’t have the enzymes to break it down, and then you have to rely on the baby’s own digestive system to break it down.

So, you might get some trouble from the lactose in the formula.

But here’s the other interesting thing, and this is why some mums do so well and they come off dairy, so you may think your baby is then dairy intolerant.

So, if you’re breastfeeding, mum’s come off dairy and the baby’s better and you think they may be intolerant to milk.

Possibly not true, and hopefully they’ll grow out of it anyway.

But think of it this way – your breast milk has got the lactose in it, and it’s got it’s own lactase.

Therefore, it all digests itself and your baby’s fine.

If you as a mum you start eating the dairy that we buy from the supermarkets, that modern dairy is also heat-treated so you have the lactose but then it has no enzymes of its own to break it down.

So, milk (the milk that we buy from the shops) is heat-treated again to kill off the bacteria, and the other bugs in it, and that kills the enzymes.

So, you have your milk – your breast milk, you have the enzymes to cancel that out within the breast milk, but then on top of there, you’re eating dairy, chocolate, cheese, and you’re getting a lot more lactose, but this…. the food you’re taking in, may not have the enzymes to….


If your baby keeps crying and is upset and you suspect it has colic or is showing colicky symptoms, I invite you to complete the following survey that I use to help understand WHY.


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And if you live local to Haywards Heath in West Sussex, I’m available to help you and your baby at The Perrymount Clinic, Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

Call 01444 410944.


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1. Free infographic download at:

2. To gain access to the book “Calming Colic – How To Help The 10 Causes Of Colic” written by Christian Bates, visit:

3. You can also download this free pdf I’ve written.It’s jam-packed full of ideas on how to help your baby and calm them and make them happy.


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Is Your Baby Lactose Intolerant? Breast Milk and Formula Milk

.. hope that this information brings you lots of value.

Thank you very much

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  1. My husband and first baby are lactose intolerance, and now I have a 2week old bby and as soon as I'm done breastfeeding her she starts like pushing and grunting she does not spit up her milk yet so I'm wondering if she is also intolerant because it seems like her belly hurts and she has explosive bowel movements. I'd really appreciate any suggestions you might give me. Thank you!!

  2. I have 5mnth baby ..when will be cure lactose intolerance how many mnth??? LI are dangerous???shall I give breastmilk for my baby

  3. My two months old baby passes foamy poop for sometimes..n it may n more than it am lactose intolerant??am breastfeeding exclusively..what can I do?

  4. My 4th month baby she is not taking milk she likes only mother milk wat I do plz give reply I want to continue breast milk

  5. My baby throws up a lot when I try giving her formula or even use formula to mix up her cereal.Her pediatrician says she isn’t lactose intolerant because I take milk.i need some advise on what to do.

  6. Hello I’m having problems my baby is lactose intolerant but won’t take any soy formula. He’s six months it’s been two days i can’t see him not eating I don’t want him to drop weight. I gave him the breast will this hurt him?

  7. Hello Christian, what helped us in the end with our suffering colicky baby were lactase drops. I was fully breastfeeding and eat totally dairy free. Within 3 days of starting him on COLACTASE drops given with breastmilk before breastfeeding, my 7 week old son was another baby- calm, relaxed and pain free. The COLIEF drops are a bit of a pain as you need to give them 30min prior to feeding. When I started to give my son the lactase drops, he started having very foul smelling wind, which I thought must be very old trapped gas being released from his digestive system, and then on day 3 an explosive poo, huge relief to baby and mother. From then on, a happy and content baby!! The lactase really did magic for us and cured the awful colic. My son is now 3 months old and he still needs them but I give him 3 drops instead of 4 and will start weaning him off at 4 months as apparently babies produce enough lactase by then. We will see. I hope this helps other desperate parents of colicky babies.

  8. But doc can I stil breastfeed after 5 days of skiping I knw think I made mistake by taking my baby off

  9. Why doesn't this guy say anything about raw cow's milk now pasteurized milk is dead but Raw cows milk is alive and it would have both of these enzymes in there, that's where you can get these enzymes not from fruits and vegetables, raw meat cow / chicken liver, cod liver oil you mothers need to be loading up on this stuff and yes Raw milk

  10. Thank you for this very informative video.. i have a lactose intolerant Baby and we're kind of having aproblem supplying the right type of diet bec he doesnt each much.. This gave a me a more understanding what type f food we need to give our little one.. – Watching from the Philippines.

  11. Thank you for posting this video, the information is really helpful. Would the mother be able to pass enzymes (from taking the enzymes supplements) in her breastmilk, to help the baby's digestive system with digesting formula milk?

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