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Jeep Soundbar Sound Upgrades – add MORE bass! – CarAudioFabrication | Best hand-held repair tools

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Jeep Soundbar Sound Upgrades – add MORE bass! – CarAudioFabrication | Latest information about hand tools.

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Jeep Soundbar Sound Upgrades - add MORE bass! - CarAudioFabrication
Jeep Soundbar Sound Upgrades – add MORE bass! – CarAudioFabrication

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The Jeep is notorious for having a sound bar that can be noisy and have rattles. These problems become even more apparent when installing aftermarket speakers into the soundbar. In this video I sound treat the soundbar by ” sound deadening ” the soundbar adding SoundSkins material and polyfill to improve the bass and audio performance. The process completed in this video makes the bass sound much more clean with improved output and the mids and highs from the rear coaxial speakers also sound less muddy. This process can be used for any vehicle with a speaker cavity.

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  1. I just put 4 PPS4-8's in my SoundBar with Fosgate's 1" PPS Tweeters and 2 Jl 10w3v3-4s. Now I gotta do this

  2. Love this video. Looking hard at a new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. 2-door. Not a whole lot of room to work with. But I want to stay with the factory locations. I will be using either Focal or Morel speakers if possible.

  3. @CarAudioFabrication
    Would installing the sound deadening material and the polyfill with the stock speakers make much of a difference in your opinion? I would like to try this on my JL, but not wanting to replace the base speakers just yet… ????

  4. I just replaced the Infinity subwoofer. I used an 8'' pioneer with max watts at 600. Although music sounds clearer I have lost that "boom" from the infinity paper sub. Why? Is this because my head unit isn't pushing enough watts?

  5. I did this to my sound bar in my aging TJ. It went from a sound similar to what a tablet may have to a sound similar to a higher end television, which is vastly superior to the tablet-like sound. It will likely never have a premium bass sound with screeching treble and rich mid tones. But it is much, much, better. My aging TJ has the soft top and the soft doors so there is only so much that can be done with an open type vehicle. But I did not get a vintage Jeep for a car-like experience. I am taking the bad with the good. But this method made the bad, only slightly bad instead of annoyingly bad.

  6. Thanks dude! I am gonna use this video as guidance as when I swap out the sound bar speakers on my Wrangler. Keep up the awesome work.

  7. Do you not still have factory wiring from the head unit or amplifier? What is the point of just upgrading a 4 foot piece?

  8. Hi, im looking to do an upgrade to my soundbar as well, i already installed JBL speakers in the stock locations but im considering going to 6×9 speakers and making my own custom soundbar, would this process be possible and if so, what materials should i use to construct the soundbar? Thank you for the great video.

  9. What else can I use that is available at reno depot/Home depot that is the same as soundskin?

  10. Thanks… I'm upgrading my sound bar in my Jeep very soon as well. Can't wait to hear the difference

  11. I really like your string trick… I tried to use it when I did my speakers last week on my 2017 Wrangler JK. I say tried because my wire harness in the sound bar had rubber grommets between the speaker holes and the interior of the sound bar. Additionally the center section of my Jeep's sound bar seems to be filled with some sort of foam. I spent several hours attempting to use a coat hanger to fish string through the bar so that I could pull the wires; I finally gave up and cut the grommet apart on one end so that I could get the wires pulled. Once I did that the rest of the speaker install was fairly easy; I left the factory harness in place, along with the factory tweeters in the sound bar (disconnected) for about the same reason you did.
    I re-watched the video just now and it looks like your speaker bar is different from mine, (different year?) so I take back all of the things I said during my struggle with the speaker bar :)

  12. I did this to the soundbar and front speaker enclosures in my 2011 Wrangler. I used Kenwood 3-way 6.5"s. It sounds better than stock but I am disappointed in the lack of bass. I removed the polyfill from one side of the soundbar to see whether it made any difference as I was thinking that maybe it reduced the volume of the enclosure too much. It didn't make a difference to my ears. I suppose the enclosures are just too small as I had Kenwood 3-way 6.5"s in the doors of a Mitsubishi mini-truck back in college and that thing sounded AMAZING. Luckily I did the same to the stock sub enclosure and upgraded to a Kenwood sub and it makes up the difference. Just wish the 4 6.5"s were reaching their potential to make the Jeep sound amazing as opposed to "good." :/

  13. You may have done this or answered it already. I couldn't find it if you did. But how do the all in one amp/subwoofer perform? I have a truck and I use the rear underwear storage for just that. So the only place I'd really have room for anything is under the jumpseat on the front bench seat of my truck. I haven't been able to find a video that really helps or shows how they perform. Mostly people recording stuff on their cellphones.

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