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Kenwood Excelon KFC XP6902c and XFC XP6903c unboxing, install, and review | Best hand tools

Are you searching for the subject Kenwood Excelon KFC XP6902c and XFC XP6903c unboxing, install, and review? Are you looking to see best 4×6 car speakers? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Kenwood Excelon KFC XP6902c and XFC XP6903c unboxing, install, and review | Newly updated handsets.

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Kenwood Excelon KFC XP6902c and XFC XP6903c unboxing, install, and review
Kenwood Excelon KFC XP6902c and XFC XP6903c unboxing, install, and review

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  1. Does either one of these sets of speakers work for the dash and front doors of a Chevy impala 2017

  2. Dean & Fernando: I have a 2010 Tundra with JBL 3 way set, looking at these Kenwoods (2s not 3s) vs Kicker Ks components with the new 2.75 coming out. Which way would you go. Would prefer a 3 way, possibly running a kicker key bi-amped on front stage. Which way would you go?

  3. Lower Impedance doesn't mean louder, just means it draws more power. A PA speaker is also 8 ohms, and is louder than any car speaker.

    Efficiency varies among speakers, impedance is not everything (and that's without going into the fact a lot of cheap amps do NOT double/halve power with impedance doubling/halving)

  4. Just put the 6902c's in my 05 Tacoma with 6 3/4" in the rear doors off of factory deck. Night and long Day Sound Difference!!!👍

  5. What year Ram were these installed in?
    Looking to use this 3 way set in my upcoming 2020 Ram tradesman, but these are listed as not compatible. Thanks!

  6. I'm installing the 5 channel excelon amp do I need the crossovers for the 2.75 high frequency midrange speakers 2015 chevy Silverado 1500 doublecab lt?

  7. thanks for your great videos! I am planning on putting a XR600 / Maestro combination in my 2019 Ram limited which came with the horrible Alpine system. What is you opinion on the best speakers for this model and amp? Should I stick with the Kenwood XP6903c front & X683c rear combination or look at something like the infinity reference 9632IX / 3032CFX front and reference 9632 rear, or even a JL audio setup with C1-690x / C2-350X Front C1 690tx rear? I am not concerned with overly loud or booming bass but mainly listen to classical or acoustic so I am more concerned with accuracy, clarity and separation. Thanks for the input!

  8. I got a question for you guys. So I bought the JL Audio C2-350x 3.5's and I have them in my dash. I know their power rating is only 20W RMS, but I wanted to ask how you'd compare those 3.5's to these Kenwood ones? I have them amplified with a pioneer GM-D8604, and i really convince myself sometimes that the JL's aren't loud or just don't pack enough punch. Would I be upgrading if I got these Kenwood 3.5's?

  9. Another Excellent installation video! Thanks! Man I've heard those Kenwood Excelon component 6×9's, and they sound Awesome! Very Good sound! Not quite as good as the 3 way Infinity Kappa Perfect that I run in my Honda, but those 'woods have great Clarity in my opinion.

  10. how do you wire this in a toyota? do you take the toyota output from the radio and split it into 2? one set goes to the crossover and then to the tweeter. another set going to the woofer?

  11. So, where would you recommend placing the roadkill? On the door panel as well as the door? Also, since the factory speakers are 8 ohm and these are 4 can I still run these off my factory deck until I get my amps and new r eciever? Thanks guys!

  12. With a Ram, if I wire this kit as a true component set by running new leads between the dash and door, will I alleviate the super bright effect that results from doing a simple plug and play using the factory parallel wiring?

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