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Kitchen Knives for Knife Guys | Knife Banter Live | List of best hand tools

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Kitchen Knives for Knife Guys | Knife Banter Live | Best garden tools for you.

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Kitchen Knives for Knife Guys | Knife Banter Live
Kitchen Knives for Knife Guys | Knife Banter Live

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Andrew and Zac talk about some of the best kitchen knives for Knife Nerds. Check out some kitchen knives here:

Knives in order of appearance:

We Knives Gyuto:

Cold Steel Commercial Series 10″ Chef’s Knife:

Fallkniven Erna:

TOPS Dicer:

ZT 0055:

Benchmade Morpho:

Spyderco Urban + Hunan:

Chris Reeve Sikayo:

Spyderco 6″ Serrated Utility Kitchen Knife:

Cold Steel Serrated Bread Knife:

Case Paring Knife:

Shun Sora Honing Steel:

Kai Luna 6-Piece Kitchen Knife Set:

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  1. That We Knife is chinese hot garbage. "Serious Knife" Lol. They won't tell you what steel it is, the handle's too long, and your website says "wharncliffe" lol. It's actually a crappy modified version of the bastard lovechild of a gyuto and kiritsuke. Mass produced in China.

  2. My granmother had a slicer, & a pairing knife with the same profile as the case..only it had a metal handle. And a slicer, dmsame handle..but basically a bread knife.
    But id agree..
    Lools like a " potato knife )

  3. You hold a chefs knife with a pinch grip only. @30yrs in professional kitchens full or part time. Less potential to harm the user ( doesn't roll over easily when cutting thru firm/ hard items) …and others usually.
    My first set were Wûstof Grand Prix …. Wish I still had them. They are worth 3 times what I paid for them many moons ago.
    Nice knives guys!

  4. Do a blade hq brisket. On a smoker. Gear it to knife guys who are going to be more apt to bbq and smoking. Ibe been lookin at that kai luna set actually just wish they had a nice brisket carving knife (like a smooth version of the bread knife

  5. Anyone have the link to that specific cold steel 10" knife? Can't seem to find it with that handle or coating

  6. What is the steel of the first knife? The Kiritsuke?.. because that seems a really cheap price if it were to be good quality say Blue or White #2. Or even VG10 or SG2 or hell even a stainless like 1K6 that would still be a great price. What’s the HRC?

  7. doesn't chisel knives go towards the flat part, or fingers, when you cut bigger stuff?
    i'd like to try one some day though

  8. Oh man I love the information in all these videos. Y’all really cover anyone’s and everyone’s needs plus the great personalities just makes these videos even more enjoyable. 10/10 thank you.

  9. I just bought a pair of Dfackto chef and pairing knife, I seen an ad on fb and it was a tactical looking chef knife, caught my eye and had to have it for my bbq set I haven't seen any reviews of them yet though

  10. I just want to put it out there that the Victorinox and Opinel kitchen knife offerings are some of the absolute best bang for buck on the market. Not sure why those weren't covered here but they're killer for their price points.

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