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Knife Collection part 4 "fixed blades" August 2018 | List of best garden tools

Are you searching for the subject Knife Collection part 4 "fixed blades" August 2018? Are you looking to see best combat knife? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Knife Collection part 4 "fixed blades" August 2018 | List of best garden tools for you.

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Knife Collection part 4 "fixed blades" August 2018
Knife Collection part 4 "fixed blades" August 2018

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Fourth installment of the knife collection August 2018 the fixed blades.

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  1. Lugg what up dude !
    You got any of them for sale pal , if so let me know Yo!
    You got a cool set up and if you thinking about given some up I will hit up with a few bucks.
    Let me know so we can give them blade a new good home a place where they can be appreciated and used and not abused.

  2. I love my San Mai III Trailmaster. Thing is a beast! Also have both Peacekeeper's, Outdoorsman in San mai, and a Laredo bowie in carbon V.

  3. (7:00) people who don't know anything about tantos:
    But tHaT's noT a TaNTo!!!??
    Yes it is. It's a Japanese style tanto aka an original tanto, people think that the traditional tanto is the American version but it's not. (look it up)

  4. You should really invest in some bark River knives, I have a feeling you’d like their Cub or Squad leader knives

  5. Nice, love the personal view you gave on your knives.
    I could almost feel how much you are a fellow knife nut :-)

  6. You should get the Wild West Bowie by CS ,a bad ass blade made of 1090 carbon steel. The Trailmaster in 01 steel is going to be A2 steel soon so get ready for a new purchase of the Trailmaster.

  7. We have so much in common .
    Have you seen my growing collection??
    Have you heard about my 2019 Labor Day Free Knife Giveaway??
    Come over and check it out .
    Can you help spread the word ???
    That will put you in for the top prize ( $🔪$🔪$ – Oh Yeahhhhh ).
    Take a look before it’s too late . Thanks for your support .


  9. I remember a few years ago a lot of those blades got a lot of hype. Like you said it’s died off. Knife collecting can get vary addicting.

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