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Knipex Vs Klein Needle Nose | Most-Buyed Power Tools

Are you searching for the subject Knipex Vs Klein Needle Nose? Are you looking to see knipex vs klein? If that’s the case, please see it right here.

Knipex Vs Klein Needle Nose | Most-Buyed Power Tools.

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Knipex Vs Klein Needle Nose
Knipex Vs Klein Needle Nose

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In this video I compare two electrical tool manufacture titans Klein to Knipex to see who makes the better tool. Agree or Disagree with the result post your outlook in the comments! Do not forget to like, share and subscribe! Next week I going to compare Knipex to Klein in their side cutters! ..

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knipex vs klein

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  1. So basically, from what I have seen in your other comparing videos between Knipex and Klein,one should choose Knipex for, well about every aspect that makes a great tool and Klein for color coordination, fair enough…

  2. There’s just something about holding a knipex. Even though I’ve noticed that Klein handles are better shaped for comfort in my hand I don’t feel that same quality as I do with knipex.

  3. Superb video & knipex is best pliers in the world & it's very very good 👌 quality brand superb beautiful ❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍

  4. As an electrician, do you recommend the insulated (1000v) knipex for the diyer? I dont do electrical hardly ever, so do you think it's worth the extra cost for peace of mind?

    Also, great video! I dont think that there needed to be a "winner" announced though LOL. It seemed like Klein gave a pretty pathetic showing!

  5. I guess the reason why people like Klein is that they can handle more abuse. I love good quality of Klein but have a feeling that in the trade klein handles more heavier works

  6. The prices you mentioned in the video have been doubled at least, from that time 🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. I have a Knipex wire roap cutter and a Knipex cobolt xl 250mm mini bolt cutter and I love them. The mini bolt cutter can go through 8mm threaded rod.

  8. The knipex does have a flaw. It won't cut electrical tape.
    Only the tip of it touch closes, I have the same pliers, and you can see it in the video.
    It is bent in, making it not touch the cutting feature.
    I just grab something else to cut the tape with.
    Inconvenience for me from such a
    nice tool.

  9. It is pronounced kNEE-pex. Go to the German site, Knipex.de and listen to the sales blurb in German. The k and N run together.
    I was looking at the 7 1/2"' Knipex and you are the second reviewer to mention the flex. I do not see that as a plus. and will keep looking for another pair of discontinued Snap On 96BCP.. With Klein and Knipex making so many pliers, the pair you chose do not seem similar enough for a direct comparison.

  10. Knipex are best tools ever.Second place wera and wiha and another brand that make your fucking amerincas klein shittier then it is its NWS .
    Klein tools are tools like dynacord are speakers :)

  11. I really love your reviews, but I'm not totally vibing with this one.

    What are the lengths of each tool? The Klein appears to be the 7" model (which actually is a significantly different tool than the 8"). Your review is pretty misleading, based on the fact that your 2 tools are of different lengths. Naturally, the longer nose is going to be more flexible! And also, you speak of the pressure being exerted as bending in the Knipex, versus the pressure being transferred to the joint in the Klein. This is true. However, compare the joints. The Klein's joint is almost the diameter of a quarter! That is not going to fall victim to mechanical breakdown anytime soon.

    I own the 8" size of both (but I have the thick "Journeyman" handles on the Klein), and I find the Klein 8" to be quite a lot stronger (more stiff, I should say) than the 8" Knipex. The Knipex does flex significantly when applying a twisting motion, whereas the Klein barely flexes at all. (And despite your summation, I find the flexing is not be an ideal characteristic, but acceptable in this particular tool) That said, the 2 are COMPLETELY different beasts. The 8" Knipex are more precise, with a longer, narrower tapering tip. The Klein is more rugged and brutish. Neither is superior, but I thought it was worth pointing out the diffe rences between them versus the models you reviewed.

    All this said, most of my pliars are Knipex–and long-nose pliars aren't really designed for applying high amounts of that sort of rotational torque. However, when I DO need that high level of torque in a long-nosed tool, the Klein is what I pick up. When I'm needing a more traditional needle-nose, though, I use my favorites (the Knipexes).

  12. Knipex are for field technicians or bench repair techs, Klein are electrician pliers/needle nose pliers. To compare them is like comparing tweezers to linesman pliers. Knipex is a superb tool, please compare them to similar products not field installer/mechanic tools. Klein are great for field mechanics (I was one for 21 years) but not the delicate precision work Knipex or Weha are designed for. The color issue is not an issue as years ago most tools were the same color, we used heat shrink color to differentiate.

  13. Excellent review, didn't know Knipex made Needle nose pliers. I bought the 10 and 12 Knipex Pliers wrench both excellent.

  14. While I do agree with your pros and cons of the pliers , the models are too different for comparison. Another thing about Klein, the colors on the pliers are colored to mark them for different reasons and different uses. You might be using the yellow Klein needle nose for other reasons than it's intended purpose. As pliers go, I'm a Knipex guy these days, but have a huge Klein collection myself. I've been to a few of their factories and one thing I saw in production, was greasing/oiling of the tool before it's final assembly and metal dust fragments and particles would stick to the tools and then they would be packaged. Which, you'd think after about 160 years of production, they'd figure a better way of packaging tools to keep them clean. But they haven't lol.

  15. I'm not sure what "field" you worked in but the Klein needle nose look almost unused, you never used them enough to break them in that's why they didn't fall shut when you had them in a vise. Klein tools are designed for electricians or people who work with wire all day, not so much electronics, visit technitools website if electronic tools are what you seek, much more specific to the field than knipex.

  16. How lucky you are there. I went to a large store in Bulgaria and the Knipex build quality was the worst of anything on the shelves, where yu could also find Wissent ( rebadged product ) and cheap Chinese pliers. No idea where they get them from, but I would get a Beta or Unior 100 times over any Knipex I saw in that store ( store is a large multi-national chain, very popular in Germany ). Some of the long nose pliers had bent teeth inside and looking at wear on these, they were not used or abused by instore buyers, another did not close fully the top end, which might also be someone to have damaged them while playing at the store. The top was the polishing on the combination pliers, 1.1cm difference between two identical models, absolutely sure it was done on hand and by someone with very low standard for craftmanship. I noticed many UK forumers to advise that you go and select a pair of pliers instore, I think I see why. Anyways, I was amazed to find such junk quality. I have Knipex crimping pliers and they were fantastic in every aspect but the pliers and cutters were horribly built.

  17. Take a look at Klein Journeyman needle nose pliers. They would be a closer comparison to the Knipex.

  18. klein's journeymen series are quite a bit nicer then that model, im happy using either knipex or klein journeyman series

  19. Btw I do not believe the tightness in the pliers indicate poor craftsmanship, actually the worst pliers I have ever used such as certain imports shared the same qualities as the knipex as the handles moved easily and smoothly but poor grab, terrible tip deflection etc.

  20. Hey Nick I appreciate the video, I just wanted to say I have unfortunately not had much luck towards Knipex. I am an Aircraft Mechanic btw. I found the teeth wear very quickly and my needle nose pliers have a weak grab as the tips seem to spring after use which make it difficult to manipulate cotter pins or grab greasy objects. I went with knipex because everyone swore by them and they seemed to be more cost effective than lets say Snap On. Well I recently switched to snap on and their tools seem to pretty much walk all over my previous tools especially their talon grip needle nose. however my Knipex diagonal pliers have served me really well and never let down so I chose not to replace those.

  21. It may have been said but you are comparing Knipex 8" needle nose with Klein 6" needle nose. A truer comparison would have been the Klein J203-8N pliers.

  22. I don't think the flex comparison was fair because the rivet to tip length of the knipex is longer than that of the klein. If you cut the tip off of the knipex so that its rivet to tip length is the same, you wouldn't have as much flex.

  23. The Knipex are the needlenose I carry in my pouch, but they're not the only ones I keep on my truck – exactly because they flex so much. I've found it to be a problem in some rare situations where you need leverage deep down where only needlenose pliers can go, and the Knipex tips deflect so much that the tool falls off the item you're turning (for instance trying to tighten a locknut at the back of a deep box). During twisting I would say the deflection can be up to 1/2" or more which is pretty extreme. Still, they're a great tool!

  24. Nice Woden vise haha :) I think all German tools are awsome, the screwdrivers and pliers are just vastly superior to the usa made stuff. For ratchets I would go usa, those Snap-On dual 80 are awsome!!

  25. not sure needle nose pliers are supposed to be used for high power clamping. I'd say they are more for finesse and should be smallish…there are pliers for high clamping forces.

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