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Kool glide for hardwood? | Storage of cleaning accessories at Best.

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Kool glide for hardwood?
Kool glide for hardwood?

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  1. I have a woven back carpet installation with a 4 foot pattern. The manufacturer recommends a kool glide however i was thinking of seaming it with a normal seaming iron. Do you think it would have a negative affect on the seam or job ? Its all plush but with a pattern. No loop.

  2. No matter how long ive been in the flooring buiseness you will always learn something new keep up the good work

  3. Well? Was I right? Once you start using the Kool glide your gonna fall in love with it! Great demonstration!

  4. I always used cleats or tack strip, I do not understand the heating process of cool glide.
    I wonder if it would cause the glue on the engineered to release?
    Seems like a quick and less messy way to do transitions.

  5. This question has nothing to do with the video, but i was wondering if you ever used cotton grip heads on a power stretcher. I do mostly commercial work and i sometimes have commercial carpet over felt pad installs. My power stretcher with the regular head on it grabs the padding too often so i was thinking of buying the cotton grip head, but i would love to find someone that has experience with them and maybe get a review before i bought it.

  6. I had my doubts when you posted in the group about this. I'm impressed with how well that held.

  7. Does anyone worry about a high chance of cancer using those kool glides? Aren't they giving off all radiation waves?

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