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Laptop Plug Repair | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools

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Laptop Plug Repair | Collection of the Most Modern Power Tools.

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Laptop Plug Repair
Laptop Plug Repair

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I solder a plug onto a wire for 18 minutes…

The IEC connector standards: ..

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  1. If you can open the supply casing then I'd redo the termination to the PCB inside. Unfortunately many supplies are hard to open, at least without marring the casing. Some have screws under the rubber feet or label, but most are clips or glue/welded shut. Also many have molded-over strain relief on the cable, but you can sometimes drill them out and glue the remaining cable back into them.

  2. Hi Vk2zay. My failer is just above the powerblock and I am a little more worried about doing it at that as there is no extra cable to cut away. Any tips?

  3. Yep, got it all done and plugged back in before the battery died.

    Not only are some switches acoustically noisy from magnetostriction of their transformer cores, but many put out lots of RF interference too. Some of the especially cheap ones I've got from DX haven't even got the 1 mm required gap on their boards from the mains – no idea how they get C-tick or any other compliance certification!

  4. "Quiet for a switchmode power supply" The AEG power tool Li-ion/Nicad/NiMH charger my father just bought sounds like an old whistling kettle getting louder as the battery reaches full charge, only he can't hear it! And always keep a strip of Blu-Tac stuck to the edge of your bench. :) Did you fix it before the battery went flat?

  5. The water thermally shocks the tip, let alone helps to oxidize it. I prefer the copper scrub pads, they're cheap at the grocery store for cleaning dishes. It leaves a small layer of tinning on the tip too, I've had the same tip for ages now and it still looks new.

  6. I once had a Weller with a moving-coil meter for the temperature which I loved. Eventually I could no longer get parts for it (at least here in AU), and the heater element died. :( This one is pretty similar in performance, it just lacks the meter. Cheap and usable. I rather like hakkos recently and will probably get a 888 in the US as my workhorse iron.

  7. You'll be pleased to know I did find it shortly afterwards. Not having it on hand saved everyone from enduring another few minutes of me hot blowing the heatshrink.

  8. That actually is an IEC C5 power inlet. The more common one is a C13.

    You're thinking of 'Le Dominoux' for the 555 contest thingies.

  9. Hey, I have the same soldering iron! Unfortunately mine has started making a "tick" sound some times when the heater turns on or off.

  10. If you want to be able to find everything easily, place everything in front of you so you can reach for it easily. Oh wait…

  11. Most likely both. I'm joining the hardware team, but digital hardware needs code and code needs to run on something… I really don't differentiate between hardware and software to be honest, it is all engineering.

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