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LavorPro Comfort XS-85 Ride On Autoscrubber – Demo | top best products brands

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LavorPro Comfort XS-85 Ride On Autoscrubber – Demo | Top best products for household.

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LavorPro Comfort XS-85 Ride On Autoscrubber – Demo

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LavorPro Comfort XS-85 Ride On Autoscrubber

Ride-On AutoScrubber
​Perfect for large areas, User-Friendly, High cost savings

Designed and made in Italy, the Comfort XS-R 85 is a favourite ride-on autoscrubber for cleaning professionals and business owners who need to maintain large floor areas. This autoscrubber machine is easy to operate, slim and is perfect for cleaning large areas such as retail shopping malls, large warehouses and commercial offices.

Its ergonomic seat makes it very comfortable for long hours of usage. Compared to conventional wet mopping, the Comfort XS-R 85 helps you to save on hours of cleaning and manpower.


Wide scrubbing width of 85cm
Squeegee width of 90cm
Powerful scrubbing pressure of 50kg
Covers 4100 m² (44,000 sq ft) in 1 hour
Large 110L Solution Tank and 130L Recovery Tank
V-shaped squeegee collects water while turning – Super dry results
Onboard Battery Charger – charge anywhere
Easy-to-use mechanical brush plate and squeegee lifting system – lower maintenance needed


Save time and use less manpower, lower costs
Large capacity – less stops, maximum use of battery charge
Non-stop use of up to 4 hours
Very easy to use and operate
Slim and compact body – easy to turn around small corners
Ergonomic seat – extra comfort for user during long hours of use
Little to low maintenance needed
Ready stock of spare parts available at any time

Recommended for large areas such as shopping malls, factories and offices – 4100 m² (44,000 sq ft) per hour

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